Service Level Guidelines

Description of Service: Maintenance and housekeeping/custodial services
Emergency: Call extension 72541
Service Availability: College operating days, Monday to Friday
Service Hours: College operating hours, typically from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Responsible Department: Facilities
How to Request: Work order system
Acknowledgement Time: Same day to seven business days, depending upon service
Average Response Time: Same day to 14 business days, depending upon service. May be longer if parts are needed
User Feedback: Please email


The Facilities Department provides maintenance and housekeeping/custodial services. The maintenance area is responsible for daily maintenance operations and facility and equipment repairs. The housekeeping area is responsible for routine custodial operations for the College and serves all of our academic and administrative buildings and the residence halls.

For emergency services, please call extension 72541 to report the emergency immediately.  Examples of an emergency service: toilet or sink overflow, safety or trip hazards such as water on floors.

The Facilities Department uses an online system called “Maintenance Connection” or “InSite”. The URL for this system is This system works with the most current versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (for PCs only)
  • Firefox

The first step for requesting service is to go to the online system to obtain login credentials. Click here for detailed instructions on how to request a Member ID and submit a work order request.

The Facilities staff is committed to providing excellent service. In an effort to respond to requests for service, they have identified the types of needs that are the most mission critical (Level A) and those for which repairs and service are not as time sensitive and can be scheduled (Level B). The lists below summarize service levels:


A level – Mission Critical B level – Less Time Sensitive
Blinds/windows (residence halls) Blinds/windows (non residence halls)
Clean-up Furniture repair
Doors/locks (including lockouts) Hang/install fixtures
Electrical Moving service (furniture, etc.)
Lights Painting
Plumbing Delivery of items from mail room
Odor  Equipment repair
Pest control
Restroom paper supplies
Smoke detectors
Temperature (too hot or too cold)
Trash removal


Here is what you can expect for response times to work order requests:

Hours of operation for the Facilities Department, including filling service requests, are aligned with College hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Exceptions are made for emergency and extenuating situations.

For service level A – a Facilities staff member will come onsite to review the request on the same day if the request is made before noon. If the request is made after noon, the review will occur the following day. However, some requests made after noon may even be addressed same day depending up the urgency.

For service level B – a Facilities staff member will come onsite to review the request within seven business days. Depending upon the schedule, the review may occur sooner than seven business days. Facilities staff members are responsible for determining when the work requested can be completed. Many requests may be completed the same day. However, requests which require special parts or supplies may take longer to complete. In addition, staff scheduling will be taken into consideration when scheduling the completion date. The department’s goal is to complete all requests within 14 business days.

If for any reason the Facilities staff cannot complete a service request within the designated time frames for each level, a staff member will contact you directly to explain the situation and work with you to establish another date for completion. We hope that the service levels assigned will address your needs. However, we understand that there will be exceptions based upon your unique situation. If such an exception is warranted, please use and submit the online request, but feel free to also contact the Facilities Department at or extension 72541 to explain the reason for the exception.