Frequently Asked Questions

Maintenance and Repair Work Orders

Q: How do I submit a work order?
A: For instructions to obtain a user account and how to submit a work order click here.

Q: I submitted a work order, when will the work be done?
A: Work orders are addressed based on the level of severity of the request. Generally, work orders are reviewed and issued the same or next day. Some requests are considered more urgent than others and we refer to our service level agreement guidelines to determine in what order requests are handled.

Bicycle Questions

Q: I left my bike here over the summer and now it is gone! Where’s my bike?
A: It is likely that it has been moved to a more secure location during the summer. Please contact the Facilities Department at 909-607-2541 or email

Q: Where do I register my bike?
A: Please see the bicycle policy here.

Access (ID Cards, Keys, and Lockouts)

Q: I’ve lost my ID card! What do I do?
A: You should immediately go to The Connection, located on the first floor of Honnold-Mudd Library. They will issue a replacement for a small fee. Please be sure to come by the Facilities Office located in the Lang basement to reset your pin and ensure you have the access you need.

Q: I’ve forgotten my pin! What do I do?
A: Please contact the Facilities Office at 909-607-2541 or visit the office located in the basement of the Lang Art building.

Q: I’m a student and I’ve lost my keys! What do I do?
A: A lost key must be reported to the Facilities Office or a Dean of Students staff member immediately.

Q: Will I be charged for new keys?
A: There is a re-key costs of $100 plus the cost of replacing other keys assigned to that lock; however, the final charge of re-keying a room or office key is determined by the locksmith. The lost card key fee is $25.00 and is assessed even if the student finds the card. Any student who fails to return keys checked out in the student’s name by the end of the academic year will be charged the lock replacement fee.

Q: I’ve locked myself out of my room! What do I do?
A: If it is after hours or the weekend, please contact the on-call Dean of Students or Campus Safety at 909-607-2000. If during business hours, please contact the Facilities Office at 909-607-2541.

Q: I’ve locked myself out of my office! What do I do?
A: Please call the Facilities Department at 909-607-2541. If it is after hours, please call Campus Safety at 909-607-2000.

Q: Will I be charged for lockouts?
A: Students are allowed two free lockouts per year; after that, all key services will cost $25 and will be billed to the respective student account at the end of each semester. In the instance that a Department of Campus Safety officer provides the key service, the student may choose to pay the officer by check upon services rendered.

Vehicle Reservations

Q: How do I reserve a vehicle?
A1: If you are not an approved driver you need to submit the completed and signed Driver Authorization form found here, along with a copy of your driver’s license to the Facilities Office located in the basement of the Lang Art building. We will submit the paperwork on your behalf and notify you when you have become an approved driver. This process usually takes less than 24 hours.

A2: If you are an approved driver, you can reach out to the DOS Office of Student Engagement to inquire about reserving a vehicle. Once the vehicle is reserved, you can pick up your keys and your check out/in card from the Facilities Office located in the basement of the Lang Art building.

We encourage everyone to pay attention to whether or not you use toll roads and to visit and promptly pay any fees. allows three (3) business days to pay the fee (usually only about $3.00) before it becomes a $25-$50 fine that is added to your student account.

You are also responsible for replacing any gas used in your travels. Please refer to the Vehicle Policy here.

Facilities Reservations

Q: How do I reserve space on campus?
A: Most spaces can be reserved using the VEMS system. See below for a list of spaces not reserved through VEMS and who to contact for more information.

If it is a large event (250 or greater), you will want plenty of time to apply for a permit. The Facilities Office (located in the basement of the Lang Art building) holds a Monday morning events meeting in the Facilities break room at 10:00 a.m. every week. You are encouraged to attend this meeting regardless of the size of your event.

Q: What if I need tables, chairs, and trashcans?
A: If you know your needs at the time of reserving the space, you can request set-ups within the VEMS system. If you are going through Public Events, you can communicate your needs through that office. You can also email and request set-ups that way. You can also attend the Monday morning meeting in the break room in the Lang basement.

If your reservation DOES REQUIRE RESOURCES from Media Services, Facilities, Grounds or Catering please select “Web Reservation Requests.” These reservations need to be made a minimum of TWO (2) days prior to your event. Please make sure to contact each respective department directly in order to secure and confirm services.

 Resident Halls 
For questions regarding your reservation in any of the resident halls, email the Office of Student Engagement or call (909) 607-4307.

Spaces not available on VEMS include:

  • The Hampton Room or Seal Court

To reserve contact or by calling (909) 607-8508.

  • North/South Meeting Rooms

To reserve contact Dining Services by calling (909) 607-2977.

  • Clark Humanities Museum

To reserve call (909) 607-3606.

  • Performing Art Center (Garrison and Boone)

Please note that the VEMS Calendar may not reflect all reservations. To inquire about booking Garrison and Boone, please contact Public Events at or by calling (909) 607-8508.

  • Denison Library

To reserve contact Dorran Boyle at or call (909) 607-3951.  

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