For Students

One of the best parts about Scripps is the sense of community that pervades the campus. Whether grabbing coffee at the Motley, hanging out on the lawn studying, or eating dinner at the Malott Commons, students find the time to balance academics with the social experience of college.

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Academic Resources and Services

Students’ academic success is important to Scripps College, and the Student Activities and Residential Life Office (SARLO) provides a variety of resources to provide support for its students on the Academic Resources and Services page. Discover the many Scripps campus and 5C programs and centers available to you. 

Guidebook to Student Life

The Guide to Student Life provides you with the reference information necessary to make informed decisions about your collegiate experience here at the College. It outlines the broad array of College organizations and resources, in addition to policies and procedures. This guide is designed to be of use to all Scripps students, most particularly to our new students who surely will have questions about academics, living on campus and getting involved.

At Scripps, you will be part of a community dedicated to learning, teaching, researching and creating together. While we expect you to be full citizens of the Scripps community and active learners in the classroom, the College is deeply committed to helping each member of the community realize her full potential. Students who thrive at Scripps are women with independent and adventurous spirits, active and curious minds, and healthy appetites for both hard work and fun.