Resources and Forms

Included on this page are a variety of forms related to the Tutoring Program.

For Current Tutors

  • Tutor-Tutee Agreement: All tutors are required to fill out one agreement per tutee at the first meeting.
  • Tutorial Report: All tutors must submit one tutorial report per tutee for every pay period.
  • Time Sheet: All time sheets are submitted electronically through UltiPro. For information about UltiPro, go to the Human Resources webpage.
  • Basic Tutoring Techniques: This page includes information about effective techniques to employ while working with students. Skills include: communication, making abstract ideas concrete, and discussion leading skills.
  • Skills Checklist

For Faculty

  • Faculty Reference Form: All tutor applications must be accompanied by a faculty reference form. A faculty member can only complete a reference for a student applying to tutor courses in their department.
  • Tutor Nominations – The Scripps Tutoring Program relies on faculty nominations for tutors. Faculty can email the Program Director to provide a list of nominations. Nominated students need not have a reference form completed.
  • If a faculty member is interested in having a tutor for a specific course, contact the Scripps Tutoring Program directly.

Other Forms