SCORE Intern Program

SCORE has 10 Scripps student interns who work on different program committees. Each year openings are available for students wishing to learn and operate from a social justice framework, gain alternative leadership styles, and build community across and within difference. The program is open to students of all backgrounds, experience, majors, and years. They are solely responsible for creating programs that further the SCORE vision and mission internally (Claremont), externally (outside the Claremont area), and through the arts. Here is a little bit about our committees:


Addresses Claremont specific, immediate, student issues. Due to the campus environment, there are certain social justice issues that are more pronounced than ones on the national and international landscape. These issues have been brought about in the current programs:

  • Busting it Open series
  • Navigating White Spaces While Building Community


Explores larger structural oppression head-on while touching upon students’ experiences at The Claremont Colleges, whether that be the local community, nationally, or internationally. Our service learning projects allow student interns praxis, how to work with community, and how community work informs theory. This would be ideal for a student well-versed in social justice issues and would like to pursue it post-grad. Our 2 community partners are:

  • Pomona Hope: student interns create and facilitate weekly workshops on leadership development for junior high school students.
  • Montclair High School: student interns create and facilitate monthly workshops on identity, and organize college trips to The Claremont Colleges.

Arts & Activism

Student interns are challenged to address social justice issues through a creative lens – visual, performing, and literary arts. The intersection of arts and activism makes themes of social justice and identity building accessible to a wider audience. In the past, SCORE has invited performers with a social justice message, and have held discussions critical of mainstream entertainment.

Our Sound is a biannual literary magazine dedicated to serving marginalized communities at Scripps College. It started in 2013 in partnership with SCORE and is looking forward to its third issue.


Leadership Development and Skills

Empowers students with practical skills to help facilitate SCORE’s mission and prepare them to be leaders in their communities post-grad. Student interns are responsible for coordinating trainings/workshops. They invite facilitators from the community, and staff/faculty to equip the interns and community with how to lead intersectionally.