Annual Programs

Ally Month

The aim of the month is to provide a wide variety of programming opportunities on how to develop allyship with various communities including LGBTQ identity, race, class, religion, sex and gender. Participants have the opportunity to attend different trainings, dialogues, and workshops in order to expand their allyship, challenge personal privileges, and become more in tune with their personal identities and systems of power.

Public Narratives

In the spirit of Marshall Ganz, SCORE will host a monthly series that illuminates the mobilization of community efforts through personal narrative. Attendees will hear from a member of Claremont Colleges and/or invited community members as they share their stories of involvements in communities, movements, organizations to bring about change and the lessons learned from their experiences. Public narrative will explore the joining of the heart and the head to move toward action.

Busting it Open Series

A dialogue and discussion series primarily focused on students, where they explore challenging topics that have a sense of urgency to their communities at The Claremont Colleges. The student coordinated program series occasionally brought in facilitators (faculty, staff, and/or community members) to help guide the conversations. More recently, the series has been focused on sharing student experiences and action plans to move dialogue forward.

SCORE After Hours

A series that combines the traditional social/mixers format with social justice themes. Created to serve as a continuous reminder for them to prioritize and promote “self-care” while “building community.” The program is completely student-led and organized with no staff or faculty in attendance. As the name suggests, the program usually occurs outside of normal business hours.

In addition to these programs, we also bring in speakers, presenters, artists, workshops as well as co-sponsor with consortium partners throughout the year on various programs and events. Please visit the SCORE calendar to learn more about our monthly activities.