Facility Reservations

TFH Facility Request

The following are the room descriptions for our most frequently reserved spaces. Upon acceptance of your reservation, the director will work with your group to set up the space to meet your needs. If you have any questions, please contact Deborah Gisvold at (909) 607-8804.

Who can reserve the TFH (for college related events)?

  • Scripps students, faculty, and staff
  • Scripps academic and administrative offices
  • CMS physical education and athletics offices
  • Registered 5C organizations (50% of the rental group must be Scripps students)
  • Groups, which may hold special events when teh facility is available or on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday Events

The Tiernan Field House does not rent or take reservations from community groups or organizations. During the summer, these groups may request TFH use through the Summer Conference Programming Office.

What can I reserve?

Outdoor Facilities

  • Pool
  • Field: soccer, lacrosse, frisbee, and other social activities
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Entry balcony (tiled floors, lounge furniture)
  • First floor balcony (overlooks the pool)

Indoor Facilities (all space occupancy ratings are based on the activity)

  • Room 108: bamboo floor, mirrors, dance rails (capacity of two to seven per dance/fitness class)
  • Room 109: bamboo floor, wireless Internet, projector, TV with combination DVD (capacity of 25 per lecture, 15 per fitness class)
  • Room 001: bamboo floor, mirrors, stereo, wireless headset (capacity 49)
  • Kitchen

How do I reserve space?

  • View availability through the Virtual EMS system (VEMS) to identify possible day and time for your reservation (note that not all activities are viewable).
    Note: Most facility spaces are typically occupied during the week (4 pm – 10 pm) and on Saturdays and Sundays with FitScripps, Healthy Lifestyle workshops, physical education classes, and athletic/intramural/sports club practices.
  • Complete the TFH Facility Request form.
  • Email or drop off the form to the director of the field house.

How far in advance should I submit my request?

Reservations should be made within (1) week of the event. For large events (50–200+ guests), we request advance notice of two to three weeks. Requests are typically processed between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Visit the Tiernan Field House website for more information.

Once I have submitted a Facility Request form what should I expect?

  • After you have submitted your TFH Facility Request Form, you will be contacted notifying you of receipt via email.
  • Within one to three business days, you will receive an e-mail regarding the status of your request.
  • Upon approval, you will receive confirmation by email through VEMS.
  • You will be contacted at least one week prior to your event by the director to help plan your event.

I want to reserve space for multiple days over the course of the semester; do I need to submit a request for each day?

You may reserve space for an individual event or submit a quarterly request. If you are looking for a space on the same day and time each week, a semester request would enable you to reserve that space. Please contact Deb Gisvold to inquire about the possibility of a quarterly reservation.

What if I want to just have friends come and dance or use videosdo I need to reserve the space?

Reservations ensure that you have the space when you arrive. However, the facility maintains at least one open space for drop-in use, Room 108. Here is a general rule of thumb:

  • If this is not a group, class, or instruction, there is no need for reservations.
  • If this is a club, group, class, or organization, reservations are required.

If I wanted to teach classes to students, faculty, or staff, do I need to have certifications or meet specific requirements?

All of the instructors for FitScripps, physical education, and Healthy Lifestyle classes have certifications to teach or instruct classes. If students have certification and want to offer a program, see Deb Gisvold to start the process of employment and program development.

Are there fees to reserve/rent the facilities?

The Tiernan Field House does not charge facility rental fees to students, student groups, or organizations for reserving the facility. Groups may be responsible for direct labor costs necessary for the proper operation and maintenance of the facility. These costs include, but are not limited to, facility operations staff, lifeguards, paramedics, and security and traffic personnel. The staff assigned to an event will be determined based on the size and nature of the event. Rental groups will also be charged for any special cleaning, maintenance, or repair resulting from the event or activity.

Can we have food at our events or use the kitchen?

Rental groups may bring their own food or beverages to any indoor or outdoor facility or activity space. Food items brought or catered must be coordinated through the Tiernan Field House. Eating and drinking are allowed only in specified areas. Alcoholic beverages and all forms of illegal substances are prohibited. All guests must abide by the College’s no-smoking policy.

Can we put up signs and decorations for our event?

Signage or decorations are permitted with prior approval from the Tiernan Field House.

What if I want to reserve the facility after hours?

Any group that schedules an event outside of a facility’s regular operating hours may be required to pay the personnel costs incurred in keeping the facility open past its posted hours.

Are there general rules or policies that I need to know?

Please refer to our facility reservation website for detailed information.

  • All users, groups, and individuals utilizing, renting, or reserving the facilities are required to observe all applicable policies and the facility entry (proper ID) and guest policy of the Tiernan Field House and Scripps College, as well as all local, state, and federal laws.
  • All user guidelines apply to facility entry (proper ID and guest policy) and to activity in a reserved area.
  • The scheduling of events will be based on facility availability and approval by the Tiernan Field House. There may also be a review by the Tiernan Field House Committee.