Mental Health Hospitalizations Protocol

In addition to prioritizing students’ wellbeing, Student Affairs supports and fosters student success inside and outside of the classroom. This information is intended to help provide clarity in those situations where a student may need to be hospitalized because of a mental health issue.

The Dean of Students office may be notified of a student in distress through any number of channels, including our 24/7 on-call system, concerned faculty, concerned friends, a parent, or the Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services (MCAPS). If you or someone you know is or may be experiencing a mental health crisis, please seek professional assistance. A Scripps Dean on Call may be accessed at any time by contacting Campus Safety (909-607-2000).

The Dean of Students Office does not have the authority to recommend any student be admitted into a medical facility for a mental health crisis. Our role during any mental health crisis is to ensure the student’s safety and connect them to licensed professionals. Our protocol requires that we connect any student experiencing significant mental distress to Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services.

How does MCAPS make decisions about hospitalizations?

In the case of voluntary hospitalization, the decision about whether a student should go to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation is made collaboratively between the student and their treating MCAPS therapist. Involuntary hospitalization (in which the student is required to be evaluated at a psychiatric hospital, regardless of their own wishes) is rarely initiated and only in cases where the student presents a danger to self or to others, or is gravely disabled, defined in this context as being, as a result of mental disorder, unable to provide for one’s own basic personal needs for food, clothing, or shelter. An example would be someone experiencing severe psychosis.

 If you have any questions or concerns about any of these issues, please contact Dr. Gary DeGroot, director of MCAPS, or Dr. Fiona Vajk, assistant director of MCAPS, at (909) 621-8202. They are happy to help students clarify these important issues, as well as hear concerns and comments from all members of the 7C community.

 Scripps Protocol for Students Experiencing Mental Health Crises

If you are transported to a mental health facility, please note the following:

  • Hospitalization may include a 72-hour (or longer) psychological evaluation under the direct care of medical staff at a local health facility.
  • The Dean On Call will accompany you to your room to pack a bag for the hospital. (We recommend that you leave expensive items and just take necessities. Cell phones will not be allowed if you are admitted.)
  • We recommend that your family and/or emergency contact be notified of the situation.
  • The Dean On Call will ride with you in the back seat of the Campus Safety vehicle to the designated hospital and wait with you during initial check-in.
  • If you and/or the hospital staff allow the Dean On Call into the intake room, the dean will sit with you during the intake interview.

If you are Hospitalized

  • You may or may not have access to a phone or visiting hours.
  • The assistant dean and director of case management will follow up daily on your progress if you have signed a waiver allowing the dean to do so.

After Discharge from Hospital

  • Following your discharge, Campus Safety should be contacted for transportation to campus.
  • You will need to attend two reentry appointments.
  • The first meeting will be with Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services. You and the counselor will create a plan for post-hospitalization care and treatment. In some cases, the best plan for your well-being may be that you take a leave of absence in order to continue treatment and take care of yourself.
  • The second meeting will be with Scripps assistant dean and director of case management to review the plan and establish a regular meeting schedule for the remainder of the semester. The dean will help you connect to resources and provide support as you work toward completion of your academic obligations.

Note: You may return to campus if both you and MCAPS feel you are ready to do so. If you do not feel prepared or able to complete the semester after a hospitalization, you may take a medical leave of absence at any point during the semester. The medical leave policy can be found here.

If not Hospitalized:

  • The dean will call Campus Safety for pick up from hospital or take a taxi with you using a taxi voucher.
  • Upon return to campus the Dean On Call will contact a MCAPS counselor and arrange for you to meet with the counselor for an evaluation. During the meeting, you and the counselor will establish a plan for your safety and wellbeing.

For more information, please visit the Guide to Student Life.