Scripps College Incident Report Form

The Scripps College community may use this form to report any incident of concern involving a Scripps student (or students) and/or any other incident of concern on the Scripps campus or other Scripps College property. All submitted incident report forms will be reviewed by the Dean of Students Office to determine appropriate follow up and/or action. The reporting party will not necessarily be contacted to receive an update on the reported incident or information about any action that may have been taken regarding that incident. While reports may be submitted anonymously, it may limit the College’s ability to appropriately follow up on the incident.

Incidents of sexual violence should be reported using the Sexual Violence report form below.

Sexual Violence Report Form

The Sexual Assault/Misconduct form can be used to report incidents of sexual violence. While reports of Sexual Assault/Misconduct may be submitted anonymously, it may limit the College’s ability to investigate the report.

Submission of this report will be forwarded to the Title IX Team for review and appropriate follow up. The reporting party may or may not be contacted for more information. Additionally, in some instances, it may not be appropriate to contact the reporting party to provide an update regarding any action or inaction taken with respect to the reported incident.