Harassment and Discrimination

Discrimination and Harassment Policies and Grievance Procedures: As a community dedicated to the education of women and the advancement of learning, Scripps College (the “College”) seeks to maintain an environment in which individuals can live, learn, and work free from discrimination and harassment. The College regards such behavior as inimical to its educational purposes and to the respect for individuals that it holds to be essential in all aspects of its institutional life. The Guide to Scripps College’s Discrimination and Harassment Policies and Grievance Procedures (“Guide” or “Policy”) prohibits all forms of harassment and discrimination, including on the basis of sex, gender identity and expression, religion, creed, color, race, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, immigration status, sexual orientation, medical condition, physical or mental disability, and age. Included in the Guide is the “Sexual Misconduct Policy” (sometimes referred to as the “Title IX Policy”), which prohibits such conduct as non-consensual sexual touching, non-consensual sexual intercourse, dating/domestic violence, and stalking. Click here to review the Guide. More information on the College’s response to sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking can be found here. When a member of the Scripps community is alleged to have engaged in discriminatory or harassing conduct as defined in the Policy, the claims are resolved in accordance with the procedures laid out in the Guide. The Title IX team oversees and coordinates these misconduct matters.

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