Hall Policies and Expectations

Review the Scripps College Guide to Student Life to learn more about Hall Policies and the Standards of Conduct. Read below for frequently asked about policies and general conduct reminders.

Opening and Closing

Fall 2014

Thursday August 28 8-11am check in for New Students.
Sunday August 31-Sept 1 10am-7pm check in for returning students
Saturday December 20 Residence Halls close at noon

Spring 2015

Sunday, January 18 10am, Residence Halls open for returning students
Saturday, May 16 12pm, Residence Halls close for all non-graduating students
Monday, May 18 12pm, Residence Halls close for all graduating seniors

Frequently Asked About General Hall Policy

Quiet Hours: GSL 4.32

11pm-9am Quiet Sunday-Thursday
1am-10am Quiet Friday and Saturday
22 Hour Quiet in effect Sunday, December 14 through Friday December 19
22 Hour Quiet in effect Sunday, May 10 through Friday May 15

Smoking Policy: GSL 4.33

No smoking within 25 feet of any building, including  inside courtyards or on balconies.

Lockout Policy: 4.29

Two free lock-outs a year. $25 fee after two free lock-outs.

Who to call:

Weekdays (M-F)

8am-5pm Maintenance: 909.607.2541
5pm-12am Resident Advisor: 909.708.7603 or 909.708.7604
12am-8am Campus Safety: 909.607.2000

Weekends (Sa-Su)

8am-12am Resident Advisor: 909.708.7603 or 909.708.760
12am-8am Campus Safety: 909.607.2000

Cooking and Electrical Appliances Policy: 4.12

No extension cords, holiday lights, hot plates, coffee percolators, corn poppers, rice cookers, halogen lamps,electrical water coolers,space heaters, and all cooking appliances.

Animal Policy: GSL 4.03

The keeping of animals, other than fish or birds that can humanely fit in a contained enclosure no larger than 10 gallons within the student’s room, is prohibited.

Escort and Guest Policy:GSL 4.15

Scripps students are responsible for escorting their guests in, around, and out of the residence halls. Scripps students may host a guest over night, with permission from roommates, for no  more than four consecutive nights.