Grade Disputes

The presumption in the administration of grades at Scripps is that the professor alone is qualified to evaluate the quality of the academic work of the student in
her or his course.

When a student has grounds for believing that, apart from questions of the academic quality of an individual piece of work, a particular final grade was assigned by the professor in an arbitrary or discriminatory manner or that crucial evidence was not taken into account, the following procedure is available:

  1. The student must first discuss the matter with the professor.
  2. If the outcome of that discussion is not satisfactory, the student should consult with the dean of students.
  3. If there appear to be grounds for further investigation of the situation, the dean of students will consult with the dean of faculty. The academic dean will then contact the professor involved in an effort to bring the issue to a satisfactory solution.
  4. If, following these discussions, the claims of the student and professor are still not reconciled, the dean of faculty will arrange for and participate in a group meeting that includes the dean of students, the professor, and the student.
  5. If no satisfactory solution results from this informal meeting, the student will be advised to petition the Committee on Academic Review, which will meet with the student and the professor individually.
  6. Should the Committee on Academic Review wish to consider the case further, it determines its own procedures according to each case. If the committee decides that a grade change is warranted, it will establish procedures for determining the new grade. Procedures could include working with the faculty member on an appropriate change or reassessing the student’s work overall through the semester. In no case will the committee be involved in reevaluating individual papers or examinations. Any issue on disputed grades will usually be settled during the following semester, but in no case later than one year from the time the disputed grade was assigned. The committee decision is final, and the student and professor will be notified by mail. The committee, at its own discretion, may accede to a faculty member’s wish that the committee consult colleagues in the discipline.

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