First Gen and FAILURE

A Letter from the Editors


It’s sort of a daunting word, isn’t it? As first-generation students, we sometimes fear that coming across that experience deems us as unprepared or unfit for college, that we don’t belong here because of it. Even your fellow Co-Interns did not escape it: there have been plenty of times that “failure” challenged our academic and social decisions, while undermining our sense of purpose on campus.

However, over time we have learned to not see failure as a reflection of who we are, rather as a reflection of our potential to move forward. Each experience reinforced our resilience and our confidence as students, daughters, sisters, mentors, leaders, activists, allies, and friends. In times of “failure,” we have reached a greater understanding of the community and support system around us.

In this newsletter we have included amazing stories of this very reality. Including stories from both students and faculty, this newsletter encompasses their moments and perceptions of “failure” and how that insight allowed opportunities for growth.

So…failure. Yup. Been there. Done that. And the best part? It’s okay.


Dean Sonia De La Torre-Iniguez, Leah Hughes, and Beatriz Maldonado










Leah Hughes ‘15

Beatriz Maldonado ‘15

Program Co-Interns


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