Connect with SCORE

SCORE has quite a bit happening this spring!

SCORE will be hosting movie viewings, dialogues, and the SCORE interns will have a multitude of programming in Spring 15. Students can engage in the SCORE office by coming to the programs. SCORE is more than just a fun space, “…helped me form my way of life and learn through an inclusive framework.” Students engaged in the office have said “SCORE is the heart of Scripps.” “SCORE is my home at Scripps” and the people are what make SCORE worth visiting. Students from all walks of life can engage in the space and can be a part of the dynamic community.

One major highlight from winter break is first year Prisma Herrera, 18′ and SCORE intern wrote an article about how the new immigration policy will effect her. SCORE staff is very proud of her willingness to put her experience into her words.

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