Book Fund

In 2008, SAS made a $40,000.00 contribution to Scripps College to create an endowment for a book fund for students. All currently enrolled returning Scripps students are eligible to apply for an award. While the student need not be a recipient of financial aid, it was the intent of Scripps Associated Students in creating this endowment that the committee award funds to students who demonstrate the most financial need. The application is attached!

Here is important information to keep in mind as you consider applying for the Fund award:

1. All students are eligible

2. A written application is required. Applications are due Wednesday, August 24th, 2017 by 12pm (noon). (Late applications will not be considered)

Applications can be mailed, e-mailed, faxed or hand delivered. All faxed/mailed applications should be sent to the attention of Daniela Canas Baena, Assistant Director of SCORE

Post mail:
ATTN: Daniela Canas Baena
RE: SAS Book Fund Application
Scripps College
1030 Columbia #2011
Claremont CA 91711


3. In order to avoid the likely adjustment to a student’s financial paid as a result of receiving a SAS Endowed Book Fund, SAS developed a book loaner program for Book Fund recipients that will not impact a recipient’s financial aid package. (In the past, students receiving financial aid are expected to report all sources of income or funding to the Financial Aid Office, and receiving the SAS Book Award in the form of a check is considered a reportable gift and most likely resulted in an adjustment to the student’s work study allotment or loan.) The books (supplies cannot be purchased) will be considered the property of SAS and will be loaned to the recipient for the duration of the course or courses for which the books are required. (SAS recognizes some texts are used over the course of multiple semesters.) Recipients will be required to return all books back to SAS at the end of the course or courses.

4. If you receive the Office of Financial Aid Book Stipend, you are eligible to apply for the SAS Book Fund, if you can demonstrate that your book costs will exceed the standard $400 amount allotted for the semester.

5. Award decisions will be made by a committee consisting of faculty, staff and students. The committee is chaired by Daniela Canas Baena, Assistant Director of SCORE.

6. Applicants’ names will not be included in the material reviewed by the committee and application materials will be kept confidential. Coordination with the Office of Financial Aid will occur and information verified.

7. Only a few students each semester will receive awards, as the principle of the endowment will not be touched. 50% of the interest earned from the endowment will be allocated each semester for awarding purposes.

8. Recipients will receive a cash advance to purchase books at a location of her/his choosing. The books will be property of SAS unless the recipient utilizes the rental program at the Huntley or online book rental programs (in this case the book(s) will be returned to the rental company).

Students should not plan on receiving an award and should return to campus prepared to purchase books and other course materials. Tips from students on how to minimize the cost of book purchases include:

  • Ask professors if the previous edition is OK
  • Students can save at least 50% of the new book cost through the Huntley Bookstore’s new program, “Rent-a-Text”
  • Buy books early from discount stores (or online). Financial Aid suggests,,
  • Check out this Textbook Rental Guide that compares 9 textbook sites
  • Rent your books from online bookstores such as Amazon , Barnes and Noble and Chegg
  • Check out books from Honnold Mudd library
  • Download books to your Kindle, Nook or Sony Reader (textbooks download for as little as $10.)
  • Look through browsing rooms for your class texts
  • Split costs of books with a classmate, share books
  • If sufficient funds are not available to purchase books, students may take out the smallest adequate emergency loan from the Office of Financial Aid if other circumstance do not prevent them from doing so (for example, an outstanding emergency loan from a previous semester).

9. Exciting News! SCORE now houses past textbooks from SAS book fund recipients and the books are all available for borrowing. Come by SCORE and check it out!

A special thanks to the SAS representatives of 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 who made this endowment possible.

If you have questions about the SAS Endowed Book Fund, please contact Daniela Canas Baena by email at