IFE - The French Field Study and Internship Program

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Academic Program

The IFE French Field Study and Internship Program starts with a five-week intensive academic program comprised of three social science courses taught in French - A Political History of France, Transformations in the State and Political Life since Napoleon, French Society: Problems and prospects. During the subsequent 12 week session, students take a 4th class - France in Europe and the World - Globalization: Myth and reality from a European perspective. Students complete a guided research project and Internship with placements in all fields, arranged to meet students' objectives and skill sets.

  • Reviewed by: D. Krauss
  • Fields of study: Coursework in the social sciences combine with an internship placement matching a student's interests and preparation to the needs and goals of French organizations. Previous placements have been in government ministries, consulting firms, museums, art galleries, theaters, schools, think tanks, NGOs, biomedical research firms, environmental organizations and non-profit groups.
  • Eligibility: 9.0 cumulative GPA; completion of FREN 44 or the equivalent required; one French course at the 100 or higher level highly recommended, providing increased options for internship placement.
  • Size of the student body: US American students from selective US liberal arts colleges.
  • Number of program participants: 25

Living Arrangements

IFE's optional housing service arranges language immersive living situations in either a home stay format with some meals provided or in a network of student residencies which are frequented by French and European students and young professionals where students will prepare their own meals with a stipend from Scripps.

Term Dates

  • Fall: Third week of August through the third week of December
  • Spring: Third week of January until early June


  • Advising Tips: Students should work closely with CP&R to develop a strong resume as well as consulting with IFE on the appropriate European resume format.
  • Visa Information: The French visa requires working with the organization, Campus France, to complete the necessary paperwork and then appearing in person at the assigned French consulate, based on the student's permanent address or in Los Angeles using the Scripps address.
  • Budget Planning: For budget planning purposes, click here to view the current cost of living comparison between Strasbourg and Los Angeles. This program requires either one reference from either an academic or a job supervisor if relevant to internship plans. Additionally, this program requires a language evaluation.
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