Updated Lottery Numbers and Times

Updated Lottery Numbers (averages for groups) and times will be posted for Suites, Quads, Triples and Doubles tomorrow (April 12).

Lottery times for singles will go out Tuesday afternoon (as this is impacted by suites, quads, triples and doubles draw)


Just a reminder! Hall Draw will start at 6pm. Please only come 5 minutes before your time. You will have access to the live google.doc feed throughout Hall Draw and it will be updated in live time.Rooms will draw in the following order: Suites (7, 5, 4, 3); Quads; Triples; Doubles

April 16: Suites, Quads, Triples & Doubles

April 18: Singles Draw

For any questions about Hall Draw, please contact Staci Buchwald or Jill Langan


See you at The Draw!


The Hall Draw Committee


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