Scripps Housing Options

Scripps Housing

Scripps offers students a variety of housing options, ranging in styles from singles to suites.

Grace Scripps Clark Hall

Grace Scripps Clark Hall

Grace Scripps Clark Hall was one of the first residence halls built, and remains one of the most popular today. The building features a high-ceiling baronial dining room, inner courtyards and balconies, and the mosaic-paved Olive Court, which externally joins Clark Hall to Toll Hall. Completed in the fall of 1928, Clark was a joint gift of Mrs. Rex B. Clark (Grace Scripps Clark) and Miss Ellen Browning Scripps in memory of Mr. James E. Scripps, who was brother of the donors.

Eleanor Joy Toll Hall


Eleanor Joy Toll Hall, a gift of Ellen Browning Scripps, is the first residence hall constructed on campus. It is named for Eleanor Joy Toll, the first woman trustee and prominent leader of women’s interests, such as music education, and civic progress, in Southern California.

Ellen Browning Hall

Ellen Browning Hall

Browning Hall, named for Ellen Browning Scripps, founder of Scripps College, opened in the Fall of 1929. Manana Courtyard is full of plants native to Mexico and Turtle court features an exterior staircase up to the third floor and Browning bell tower. Although she did not wish to have a building named after her, Ellen Browning Hall bares the first two names of Miss Scripps, and is dedicated to the memory of her brother, Edward W. Scripps.

Susan Miller Dorsey Hall

Susan Miller Dorsey Hall

Susan Miller Dorsey Hall was built in 1930 and remained the youngest residence hall for thirty years thereafter. Financed almost entirely by women (Miss Scripps, Mrs. Margaret Fowler, Mrs. Edward C. Harwood, Mrs. Mark Kimberly Shirk, Mrs. Paul Jordan Smith, Mrs. Charles Stinchfeld, Mrs. James Luckie and Mr. Jacob Chandler Harper), the hall is named for Mrs. Dorsey, who was the first woman superintendent of schools in Los Angeles and one of the first trustees selected.

Cecil & Bessie Bartlett Frankel Hall

Frankel Hall

Frankel Hall, built in the spring of 1966, to accommodate expansion of Scripps from 300 to 500 students. Frankel Hall is named for Los Angeles residents Cecil Frankel and Bessie Bartlett Frankel, an honorary alumna of the College since 1931.

Mary Routt Hall

Mary Routt Hall

Routt Hall, built in the spring of 1966, to accommodate expansion from 300 to 500 students.  Routt Hall is named for journalist and philanthropist Mary Patterson Routt, a founding trustee of the College.

Senior Routt Apartments

Senior Routt Apartments located across from GJW Hall and close to OSE/SCORE are comprised of four apartments and two three-person spaces.

Gabriele Jungels-Winkler Hall

Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Hall

Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Hall opened in the fall of 2000. Named for the alumnae Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler ’72 of London, who provided key guidance to architects on this project in addition to supporting student scholarship programs, an endowed faculty chair in contemporary European studies, a lecture series at the European Union Center of California and other academic programs.

Mary Kimberly Hall and Wilbur Hall

Mary Kimberly Hall and Wilbur Hall

Kimberly Hall opened to students in 1960 and is the fifth residence hall built on campus. Funded in part by gifts from friends and the trustees of Harvey Mudd College, whose women students were housed in Kimberly from the 60s through the 80s. The hall honors Mary Kimberly Shirk of Redlands, a longtime trustee (1926-1966) and interim president of Scripps College from 1942-44. In summer of 2000, the connecting Wilbur Dining Hall was renovated to house 25 additional students.

Nan Elizabeth Walsh Schow Hall

Designed in harmony with the distinctive look of the original campus, the Nan Elizabeth Walsh Schow Hall features walks and vistas characteristic of our founder’s vision. The design reflects the Mediterranean style of architecture popular in southern California during the 1920’s and 1930’s that has earned Scripps a reputation as one of the nation’s most beautiful campuses. Nan Elizabeth Walsh Schow Hall embodies the sense of place and visual texture that decades of Scripps students recall with great fondness – serene courtyards and tastefully appointed interior spaces – that provide a home away from home.

Revelle House
A 20-bedroom house with doubles, triples, quads, shared living room, on-site laundry machines, bathrooms and beautiful garden views.

240 House

A six-bedroom house with double rooms, shared living rooms, on- site laundry machines, bathrooms, and patio.  Cable and internet are provided.

709 House

A fully furnished two-story home with single rooms sharing a large living room, two kitchens, upstairs common space, and bathrooms. The house also has access to a back patio and limited parking for residents. Cable and internet are provided.

Living Learning Communities and Thematic Communities at Scripps

Living Learning Communities 

STEM & Pre-Health Living Learning Community

Located in Wilbur Hall  

The STEM and Pre-Health LLC aims to provide residents the opportunity to engage with peers who are connected across various academic majors, and who are vested in creating a community that supports the rigor of the classroom. By creating a LLC for these students, they will be empowered to connect their shared interests and share insights with each other.

Bridges Living Learning Community: Creating opportunities for meaningful interaction across difference and building cultural competency 

Located in the 2nd floor of GJW Hall

Bridges is designed for students who want to explore commonalities and bridge differences across their diverse social identities, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic class. Residents will be supported by various campus/consortium resources focused on social justice, diversity, and cultural competency. Residents will develop deeper awareness, knowledge, and skills to create a residential community guided by the principles of inclusion respect for difference.

Language Corridors

Each Language Corridor is located on the first floor of its correlating residence hall. All rooms are single rooms, and Language Corridor students have access to a dedicated Language Assistant for their language corridor.

Italian Hall- Clark Hall

Spanish Hall- Browning Hall

German Hall- Toll Hall

French Hall- Dorsey Hall

Substance-Free Housing

 Located in Clark Hall

The Substance-Free community is comprised of students from all academic years. The goal of Scripps’ Substance-Free Community is to provide an environment that is free of the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, and to support residents who want to adopt such a lifestyle. Students that reside in the Substance-Free Community will be expected to participate in sub-free programming.