Room Selection FAQs

When will Room Selection Times  be available?

Room Selection times will be released to students in early April.

What do I do to select a room?

Students will log into the Room Selection domain via their Residence Housing Portal during their draw date and time. Draw date and time are determined by the process a student is applying for and student’s academic class standing (Rising Senior; rising Junior; rising Sophomore).

For traditional on-campus housing: Rising Seniors will select on Monday, April 10; Rising Juniors will select Tuesday, April 11; Rising Sophomores will select Wednesday, April 12.  Selection times are randomly generated by a computer and are designated between 8am-5pm, PST. Students may log in and choose a room starting at their designated date and time and will continue to have access to view open and active rooms until they’ve selected a room, or until rooms are no longer available.

How will I know what rooms are open?

Only open rooms will be displayed in the Room Selection domain.

How will I live with another student:

Students will be allowed to select roommates/suite mates based on a group leader system. Students planning to live with another student will have the student with the earliest date and time act as group leader and create a roommate group. Students who are pulled into a roommate group will have the opportunity to select the room they were pulled into once they have been indicated in a group.

What If I can’t find a roommate?

We recommend that you attend the RoomFinder event to find a roommate or post on the Scripps College Current Student Facebook page to find a potential roommate. Any students left to select a room for multiple people without a roommate will select into a partially filled space with other students.

Can I select a room for multiple people on my own?

No. Students who are selecting rooms designated for more than one person must be a part of a group.

I am going to be a sophomore next year and want a single room. What’s the likelihood of me getting a single room?

While we can’t speak to the likelihood as each year is different, we encourage rising Sophomores to come with an open mind and flexible options. Single rooms are hard to come by as a rising Sophomore, as priority for selection is given to rising Juniors and Seniors.  We encourage suite style housing, which is popular with our Sophomores. Living Learning Communities and Thematic Communities are also a great option for rising sophomores to consider, as they are not eligible for Rising Juniors and Seniors. And more importantly, we encourage all students to live with people they want to live with!

I don’t know anyone; How can I meet other students looking for roommates?

Residential Life will host a roommate finding program. More information to come!

What are my housing options?

Scripps Housing Options:
  • 11 On-Campus Residence Halls:
    • Clark Hall
    • Toll Hall
    • Browning Hall
    • Dorsey Hall
    • Frankel Hall
    • Routt Hall
    • Senior Routt Apartments
    • Gabrielle-Jungels Winkler Hall
    • Kimberly Hall
    • Wilbur Hall
    • New Hall
  • Scripps Owned Houses: 709 College. *Please note 709 College will be drawn into as single spaces.
  • 5-C Exchange : Available as an equal exchange with a student at another 5-C campus (1 for 1 swap)

I’m going to be abroad in the fall. How do I select my room/do I participate in room selection?

You will not need to select a room or participate in room selection, as only students who are going to be here in the fall/full academic year will select a room. Res Life will place students who are coming back from abroad in the spring.

When is the Room Selection Application due? And why do I need to complete this application?

Housing Preference Applications are due by March 24th at 11:55pm. Students will need to complete this to opt in to Room Selection. Students will receive a room selection day and time if opting into process.

I don’t want to live in Scripps provided housing. What do I do to Live off-campus?

Great question! Complete the your Room Selection Application and indicate that you would like to LOC. There are many great options to live off-campus independently, which can be found HERE. You must also email Dean Haynes to petition to LOC.

I accidentally indicated that I am a Junior on my Housing Application, but am currently a Sophomore. What do I do? Help!

No need to worry; We utilize the year you are projected to graduate to determine the Room Selection day you will participate on. Our system will indicate to us what group you will need to be in.

I would like Summer Housing. How does that work?

We will release information for Summer 2017 housing soon.

Availability is on a first come, first serve basis for those who are eligible for housing. Submitting an application does not guarantee summer housing. Summer housing is for Scripps students who anticipate being in Claremont for the majority of the summer, starting in May after residence halls close. All students will be required to sign a Residence Life Agreement and adhere to all the guidelines and policies as outlined by the Guide to Student Life. Any student found in violation of any College policy may be asked to leave summer housing immediately.

Scripps College offers summer housing through the Dean of Students Office. Housing is open to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Current Scripps students who are taking courses at one of the 5 Colleges or a local university over the summer
  • Current Scripps students working at an approved academic internship or independent study in the Inland Empire or LA Area
  • Current Scripps students who are working as an intern in an on campus Scripps staff office or doing approved research with a Scripps or Keck Science faculty member
  • Current Scripps international students who are planning to remain in the Claremont area over the summer