Room Selection FAQs

When will room selection times be available?

Room selection times will be released to students on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

What do I do to select a room?

Students will log into the Room Selection domain via their Residence Housing Portal on their selection date and time. Selection times are determined graduation date, beginning with rising seniors and concluding with rising sophomores.

Rising seniors will select on Monday, April 15; rising juniors will select Tuesday, April 16; and rising sophomores will select Wednesday, April 17.  Selection times are randomly generated by our housing software and are designated between 8:30am – 3:30pm PST. Students may log in and choose a room starting at their designated date and time and will continue to have access to view open and active rooms until they’ve selected a room or when the room is no longer available. While the system is still accessible, no selections can be made after 5pm PST each day of selection.

How will I know what rooms are open?

A list of available rooms will be shared with the floor plans prior to room selection.  The rooms will disappear (in real time) as the are selected.

How can I live with another student?

Students are permitted to select roommates/suite mates based on a group leader system. Students planning to live with another student will have the student with the earliest date and time act as group leader and create a roommate group. Students who are pulled into a roommate group will have the opportunity to select the room they were pulled into once they have been indicated in a group.

What If I can’t find a roommate?

Over the years, students have utilized social medias as a means to find a roommate. You could post on the Scripps College current student Facebook page to find a potential roommate. Any students left to select a room for multiple people without a roommate will select into a partially filled space with other students.

Can I select a room for multiple people with a group of one?

No. Students who are selecting rooms designated for more than one person must be a part of a group. The number of group members must correspond to the number of available beds in the space you wish to select.

I am a student with a housing accommodation. What should I do?

Contact Academic Resources and Services for information regarding Accommodations and information about Housing Accommodations. For further information, please reach out to

What are my housing options?

Our room styles vary from building to building.  We offer singles, doubles, triples, quads and suites. We will offer tours of  potential residential spaces April 1-4. Floor plans and room availability will be released on April 1.

I’m going to be abroad in the fall. How do I select my room/do I participate in room selection?

You will not need to select a room or participate in room selection, as only students who are going to be here in the fall/full academic year will select a room. Residential Life will notify you of your spring housing options in late October.

When is the Room Selection Application due and why do I need to complete this application?

Room selection applications are due by Sunday, March 31 at 11:59pm. Students will need to complete this to be guaranteed housing for the 2019-2020 academic year. Submitting by the posted deadline will automatically generate  a room selection day and time. Selection times will be released on Tuesday, April 9.

I’m considering living off-campus? Is there anything special I need to do?

Yes, complete the room selection application and indicate that you would like to live off-campus (LOC), along with a brief reason for the request.  Those who apply to live off-campus will be notified of approval prior to the release of selection times.  Approved students will not receive a room selection time.

I plan to be here this summer.  Can I stay on-campus?

We will release information for Summer 2019 housing soon after room selection concludes.