Who Can Participate in Room Selection?

As long as a student has updated the Registrar’s office with any changes in their student status for  the next fall, they will be included in the Room Selection process. For more information, contact the Registrar’s Office.

  • You may continue to live on campus and choose a room during Room Selection; apply to live in a language corridor; apply to live in a Senior Routt Apartment (groups of seniors are given priority for the apartments).
  • If you can find a student from another college with whom you would like to exchange rooms, you may participate in a 5-College exchange (please keep in mind only female students from other campuses are eligible).
  • You may apply to live off campus independently.  Off-campus housing is not guaranteed and is sought after by students independently.
  • You may return to campus if you are currently off campus.

Only students who have updated their status with the Registrar’s office will be eligible to participate in Room Selection.