Senior Thesis Registration and Submission for Non-Science Majors


  1. Submit Senior Thesis Registration Form for Non-Science Majors to Registrar’s Office by last day to add classes of the semester in which you begin your thesis.
  2. Refer to Senior Thesis/Project Deadlines for Non-Science Majors Guide.


  1. At least one Scripps faculty member who will be instructor of record and responsible for coordinating and submitting the grade
  2. At least one faculty member within department of the major
  3. For dual majors, one faculty member from department of each major; at least one Scripps faculty member


  • Seniors do not register through the Scripps portal for senior theses, but are required to submit the Senior Thesis Registration Form for Non-Science Majors signed by all thesis readers and their academic adviser. Completed thesis forms must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the last day to add classes of the semester in which you begin your thesis; enrollment in thesis will be added to your schedule. The Senior Thesis Registration Form for Non-Science Majors is available in the Registrar’s Office and on the Registrar web site.
  • Refer to the Senior Thesis/Project Deadlines for Non-Science Majors to determine in which semester you should register for your thesis. Confer with your major adviser and check catalog requirements to determine if you must complete a senior seminar in your major(s).
  • Exception: Keck Science, Anthropology, Art, Economics or Mathematical Economics, Environmental Analysis (non-science tracks), Media Studies, Politics, and Psychology majors, as well as off-campus majors, may register for senior thesis/project on the portal. Science majors shall refer to the “Research” tab of the Keck Science web page for thesis procedures and deadlines.

Additional Information

  • Seniors should confer with their major adviser(s) about thesis formatting requirements and honors requirements. Honors requirements vary; if you are pursuing honors in your major(s), be sure you understand what is required of you (e.g., forms, deadlines, oral defense, etc.).
  • Each department decides on deadlines for completion of intermediate stages, such as bibliography, outline, and first draft. Work with your readers carefully to stay on track!
  • Extensions to posted deadlines are permitted only under exceptional circumstances and only via petition to the Committee on Academic Review. An extended deadline may delay graduation and may jeopardize participation in the commencement ceremony.

Submission Requirements, Procedures, and Format

  • Two printed, bound copies of the thesis (three if you have three readers) are due in the Registrar’s Office by 5:00pm of the deadline indicated in the Senior Thesis/Project Deadlines for Non-Science Majors.
  • Along with your thesis, submit one copy of your title page; your thesis title is printed in the Commencement Program.
  • Additionally, it is required to upload your thesis/project to the Scholarship@Claremont site as part of the submission process (see thesis upload section below for instructions).
  • The length of the thesis is determined by the scope of the subject. Individual thesis requirements should be determined by the student in collaboration with her readers. Your readers should provide information regarding which style manual is preferred for your major. Common style manuals include the MLA Style Sheet, and A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations by Kate Turabian.
  • Assistance is available in The Writing Center and the Academic Computing Lab.

Printing and Binding Thesis

  • Seniors may print their senior theses double-sided if double-sided printing is approved by their faculty theses readers.
  • Both the left and right margins of the theses will need to be set for 1.25 to 1.5 inches to allow for double-sided binding without hiding any text.
  • Print, copy, and binding services are available at The Connection at Honnold/Mudd Library and area print shops such as Fedex Office, etc.

Thesis Upload

  • The final step in completing your thesis submission is uploading the document to Scholarship @ Claremont in the Claremont Colleges Digital Library.  Follow the procedures found in the Upload Instructions for Senior Thesis to Scholarship @ Claremont  link on the Registrar’s web page.  Print the upload confirmation emailed to you after you’ve uploaded your thesis.  This confirmation notification must be submitted with your bound thesis copies to the Registrar’s Office at time of submission.
  • Students seeking an exception of the upload or to delay the upload will complete and submit to the Registrar’s Office a Thesis Upload Exception Request along with an electronic copy of their thesis by the submission deadline.
  • Once your thesis is uploaded (or Upload Exception Request filed), your thesis may be graded by your readers.
  • See here to read Scripps College Policy for Digitized Theses.


  • One thesis grade is agreed upon by both/all readers and that grade is recorded on the portal by the Scripps reader.
  • Thesis grades are due at the normal grading deadline in the fall; and on the senior grading deadline in the spring.
Please refer to the Required Layout for Thesis Title page for more information.