Faculty Resources

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Resource Description
Classroom Information General information regarding classrooms including: Location, Room Type, Number of Occupants, White/Black Board quantity, and smart room capabilities. Included are photographs of the classroom walls.
Grading Guidelines A chart containing grading guidelines for the student’s home school.
Course Failure Form (Pomona) USE FOR POMONA STUDENTS: Please complete this form if you believe a student has earned a failing or no-credit (NC) grade.  This information will only be provided to the Academic Standards Committee (ASC) for its use in understanding student difficulties, and will not be sent to the student.
Incomplete Form (Pitzer) USE FOR PITZER STUDENTS: Final coursework is due to the instructor on the first day of classes of the following semester unless an earlier completion date is set by the instructor. Instructors will be requested to submit a final grade for the Incomplete during the second week of classes of that following semester.
Incomplete (Scripps) Online form for Scripps Faculty explaining the reasons for an incomplete grade.
Grading Policies Information and policies regarding grading procedures and grading types.
Final Exam Schedule (PDF) Printable Final exam schedule and deadlines.
Final Exam Regulations Final exam regulations including rooms, times, grading, and senior expectations
Standard Class Times Class times for standard classes, art/studios, and single day seminars.
Faculty Portal Instructions Printable portal instructions for faculty. Includes instructions on advisees and PERMs.
FERPA Information regarding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
Scripps Survey Guidelines If your survey will be part of research that may be reported outside of the university (e.g., to
academic journals or professional associations) you must receive Scripps College Institutional Review Board approval. For surveys that do not require IRB approval, there are a set of guidelines to ensure that your survey considers the protection of participants’ privacy, the questionnaire quality, and the reliability and validity of data. Scripps may already have a survey developed and/or data collected that might answer your research question(s). Please contact the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research (assessir@scrippscollege.edu) to identify possible surveys or data that may be made available to you.