Courses Needing Instructor Permission

Courses Needing Instructor Permission

If a course is closed or you do not meet the registration criteria, you may seek instructor permission to register.

  • Select Student tab; click on Add/Drop courses to “request permission to enroll authorization.”
    • Note: Some classes have college-specific registration limitations, e.g. “Pomona students only.”
  • Submit a PERM request as shown above. Watch both your Scripps email and your portal over several days for a response. Do not send multiple requests for the same course.

Courses Needing Instructor PermissionA HOLD on your registration privileges will prevent you from submitting PERM requests (see the Holds instruction page).

  • Select Student tab to check instructor responses to PERM requests.
  • PERM requests are listed with most recent request listed first.
  • The Request Status line will display one of three responses:
    • Request denied
    • Approved – you may register for this course (all restrictions cleared)
    • Approved – you may register for this course (all restrictions cleared unless section is Closed)
    • Or, PERM request is pending

Note: An approved PERM request does NOT register you for the course; it allows you to add the course after receiving permission to enroll.