Scripps College Policy for Digitized Theses

  1. Scripps College will use the CCL’s Scholarship @ Claremont site for senior thesis collection.
  2. Scripps seniors will be required to upload their completed thesis/project to the site as part of the submission process. Uploaded theses will be accessible to the public or restricted to the Claremont Colleges IP address range. IP restriction is the default term of access.
  3. At the time of submission, students may elect to expand access to their thesis beyond Claremont Colleges IP addresses, or to specify that it remain restricted within Claremont.
  4. Students wishing to delay access to their thesis may elect to embargo the uploaded thesis document for up to 18 months. Students must confer with their readers to determine if this is appropriate for their thesis/project. The Digital Initiatives Librarian is available for questions and concerns. The embargo can be renewed at the author’s request when the time period is completed.
  5. Students may appeal directly to the Dean of Faculty for an exemption from the upload requirement. The appeal must include the rationale for the requested exemption. All student appeals must be filed in writing not later than the thesis due date. See the Registrar’s website for appropriate forms. Appeals for exemption must include an electronic copy of the thesis (e.g., flash drive, disc, etc). If approved for exemption, the thesis will still be available (for accreditation purposes) to the Dean of Faculty, the Registrar’s Office, the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research, and the department in which it was submitted. The electronic copy will be maintained in a secure area on the Scripps network. Scripps will consider such theses part of the student’s academic record and allow access according to existing policy.
  6. Students must submit with their hard copy thesis a printed form verifying the electronic submission of their thesis or their petition opting out of the electronic submission process. Theses will not be evaluated and graded by faculty until both the hard copy and the electronic versions are submitted.
  7. Uploaded theses will be held in queue until they are formally graded. Once graded, theses will be posted to the site and accessible within the Claremont IP range or Open Access, if not embargoed. Once theses are posted to the site they may not be removed except as explicitly noted in #8.
  8. Scripps College may exclude or remove theses from the Scholarship @ Claremont site at the discretion of the Dean of Faculty in consultation with all thesis readers. For example, theses with plagiarized content will be removed from the site. The Registrar will notify the Dean of Faculty if there are theses to be excluded. Records for a removed thesis will remain accessible with a note stating that the thesis was removed.
  9. In the interest of protecting their own scholarship, faculty readers may provide the names of students to the Dean of Faculty whose thesis work is of a collaborative nature. Faculty readers must provide the student names to the Dean of Faculty no later than the one week prior to the thesis submission date. These students must still submit an electronic copy of their thesis to the Registrar, and the electronic copy submitted will be handled as stated in #5 above.
  10. Faculty readers may appeal in writing to the Dean of Faculty that their names be excluded from theses they have supervised. Appeals from faculty must be submitted by the last day of exams during the semester in which the thesis was graded.

It should be noted that online thesis publication has copyright and privacy implications. Students using images, graphs, art, music, proprietary information for which they do not hold copyright must consult with the librarians early in their research to determine how best to adhere to copyright. Similarly, students whose thesis involves IRB review must confer with the regulations to understand privacy concerns as related to online access.

February 2014