Approved Race and Ethnic Studies Course Requirements

The race and ethnic studies requirement assesses the systematic discrimination and exploitation of African Americans, Latino Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Arab Americans that have figured so critically in the history of this country. This requirement is met by taking one course that focuses primarily on one or more of these five groups in the United States.

To request that a course be added to the approved list of courses, students must submit courses (including a syllabus) by petition to the Committee on Academic Review (use the Race and Ethnic Studies Requirement Petition).

Seniors may only take pre-approved courses.

This comprehensive list is kept updated as new Race and Ethnic Studies courses are approved. Refer to “Course Area: SC Race & Ethnic St Rqmt” on the Academic Portal schedule of courses for each semester.

Course Course Title College Instructor
AFRI010A AF Introduction to Black Studies Pomona Lemelle, S
AFRI144A AF Black Women Feminism(s) & Social Change Pomona  Jackson, P
AFRI195F AF Transnationalism Scripps Arguello, M
AMST103 JT (approved for SP16; must petition ea. sem. Introduction to American Cultures Scripps N/A
AMST110 SC Migrant Memoir Scripps Cheng, W
AMST120 HM Hyphenated Americans HMC Balseiro, I
AMST125 SC Race in Popular Culture & Media: History and Consequences Scripps Um, J
AMST128 SC Race, Space, and Difference Scripps Cheng, W
AMST169A SC Freedom and Race: Citizenship, Slavery and the Sex/Labor Trades Scripps
ANTH012 PZ Native Americans and Their Environments Pitzer Miller, S
ANTH111 PZ Historical Archaeology Pitzer Miller, S
ANTH127 SC Settler Colonialism Scripps Morales, G
ARHI137 PZ Tradition and Transformation in Native North American Art and Culture Pitzer Anthes, B
(formerly ARHI139 PZ)
Native American Collections Research: Intercultural Exchanges in Indigenous Art from the Great Lakes Region Pitzer Anthes, B
ARHI138B PZ Native American Art Collections & Lab: (Same course as ARHI138; offered some years with lab component) Pitzer Anthes, B
ARHI141B PO Africana Cinema: Through the Documentary Lens Pomona Jackson, P
ARHI144B AF Daughters of Africa: Art, Cinema, Theory, Love Pomona Jackson, P
ARHI178 PO The Black Aesthetic and Politics of (Re)Presentation Pomona Jackson, P
ARHI186L PO Critical Race Theory, Representation, and the Rule of Law Pomona Jackson, P
ARHI186W PO Whiteness: Race, Sex and Representation Pomona Jackson, P
ARHI186Y PO Cinema Against War: WMDs, Corporate Power, and Imperialism Pomona Jackson, P
ART 137 SC Race and Identity: Artists’ Books Scripps Blassingame, T
ASAM094 PZ Community Health Pitzer Yep, K
ASAM104 PZ Asian American Foodways Pitzer Nubla, G
ASAM105 PZ Zines, Creativity, Community Pitzer Honma, T
ASAM112 PZ Asian American Literature: Racial Form, Aesthetic, and Politics Pitzer Nubla, G
ASAM145 PZ Asian North American Women Writers: Colonial Legacies Pitzer Nubla, G
ASAM160 AA Asian American Women’s Experience Scripps
ASAM179B HM Asian American and the Law HMC Young, B; Sugihara, M
ASAM179D AA Special Topics for Asian American Studies: Mixed Race Experiences HMC O’Brien, G
ASAM179E PZ Asian /Americans and Popular Culture Pitzer Nubla, G
ASAM187 AA Special Topics for Asian American Studies: Art, Activism, and Asian American Social Movements Scripps
CHLT060 CH Women in the Third World Pitzer Soldatenko, M
CHLT061 CH Contemporary Issues of Chicanas and Latinas Pitzer Soldatenko, M
CHLT115 CH Gender, Race and Class: Women of Color in U.S. Pitzer Soldatenko, M
CHLT153 CH Rural and Urban Social Movements Pitzer Calderon, J
CHLT154 CH Latinas in the Garment Industry Pitzer Soldatenko, M
CHLT157 CH Latina Activists Work and Protest Pitzer Soldatenko, M
CHLT166 CH Chicana Feminist Epistemologies Pitzer Soldatenko, M
CHST015  CH Introduction to Chicanx-Latinx Studies Scripps Alcala, R
CHST064 CH Chicanx Music: From Genre to Experience Scripps Gonzalez, M
CHST066 CH Fandango as a De-Colonial Tool Scripps Gonzalez, M
CHST074 CH Women Who Rock: The Archive, Pop Music and New Media Scripps Gonzalez, M
CHST077 CH Chicana-Latina, Gender and Popular Culture Pomona Gonzalez, M
CHST126B CH Contemporary Chicanx Literature Scripps Alcala, R
CHST184D CH Chicanx Short Fiction Scripps Alcala, R
CHST185B CH Narratives of the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands Scripps Garcia, M
CHST186 CH Contemporary Chicana Literature Seminar Scripps Alcala, R
DANC131 SC Critical Perspectives on Dance: Gender, Race and Sexuality Scripps Smith, J
DANC151 SC Dancing Social Justice Scripps Branfman, S
EA 086 PZ Environmental Justice Pitzer Sarathy, B
ECON116 PO Race and the U.S. Economy Pomona Conrad, C
ENGL012 AF Intro to African American Literature Pitzer Harris, L
ENGL052 PO American Gothic Pomona Heintz, L
ENGL056 PO Contemporary Native American Literature Pomona Thomas, V
ENGL104 PZ Jumping Double Dutch with the Color Line: Challenging Race in Black Literature Pitzer Pickens, T
ENGL125C AF Introduction to African American Literature Pomona Thomas, V
ENGL141 SC (formerly ENGL161 SC) The Slave Narrative & the Novel Scripps Koenigs, T
ENGL161 SC The Futures of Asian America Scripps Liu, W
ENGL162 SC (formerly ENGL183 SC) Asian American Literature, Gender and Sexuality Scripps Liu, W
ENGL167A CH (formerly ENGL184A CH) Chicano Movement Literature Scripps  Alcala, R
ENGL167B CH (formerly ENGL184B CH) Contemporary Chicana/o Literature Scripps Alcala, R
ENGL167C CH (formerly ENGL184C CH) Contemporary Chicana Literature Seminar Scripps Alcala, R
ENGL167D CH (formerly ENGL184D CH) Chicana/ o Short Fiction Scripps Alcala, R
ENGL197D SC American Protest Literature Scripps Drake, K
FGSS026 SC Introduction to Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Scripps
FGSS181 SC Feminisms in Community Scripps Castagnetto, S
FGSS183  SC Sciences from “Below”: Feminist and Queer Conceptions Scripps Cheng, J
FGSS184  SC Feminist Theories: Antiracist, Postcolonial and Queer Critiques Scripps
FGSS187 SC Advanced Topics in Feminist Studies: Gender, Race, and Science Scripps
FGSS188B SC Queer Representations in Film and Video Scripps Cheng, J
FGSS188E SC The Queer Transpacific: Sinophone cultures and Race/Ethnicity in Asian America Scripps Cheng, J
FGSS192 SC Anti-Racist Feminist and Queer Praxis Scripps Chatterjee, P
GEOG179B HM Place, Power, and Difference Harvey Mudd Seitz, D
GOVT168 CM Black Intellectuals: Debating Race in the Age of Obama Claremont McKenna Shields, J
HIST025 CH All Power to the People: Social Movements for Justice Pomona Summers Sandoval, T
HIST050A AF (formerly HIST111A prior to FA10) African Diaspora in the U.S. to 1877 Scripps Roberts, R
HIST050B AF (formerly HIST111B prior to FA10) African Diaspora in the U.S. Since 1877 Scripps Roberts, R
HIST100C CH Chicana/Latina Histories Pomona Summers Sandoval, T
HIST100U AF Pan-Africanism and Black Radical Traditions Pomona Lemelle, S
HIST114 CM Race and Racism in the Colonial Americas CMC Livesay, D
HIST125 CM Asian American History: 1850-Present CMC Yoo, D
HIST143 AF Slavery and Freedom in the New World Pomona Lemelle, S
HIST153 AF (formerly HIST114 prior to FA10) Slave Women in Antebellum America Scripps Roberts, R
HIST167  SC US Urban Space, Race, and Policy Scripps Redford, L
HIST169A SC Freedom and Race: Citizenship, Slavery and the Sex/Labor Trades Scripps
HIST171 AF African American Women in the United States Scripps Roberts, R
HIST173 AF (formerly HIST122 prior to FA10) Black Intellectuals and the Politics of Race Scripps Roberts, R
HIST176 AF Civil Rights Movement Modern Era Scripps Roberts, R
HIST179C SC Mexican American History Scripps
HIST190 CM Race and American Cities Claremont McKenna Geismer, L
JPNT177 PO Japanese Japanese-American Women Writers Pomona Miyake, L
LGCS114 PO Linguistic Discrimination Pomona Holliday, N
LGCS114 PZ Linguistic Discrimination Pitzer Holliday, N
LGCS116 PZ Language and Ethnicity Pitzer Fought, C
LIT 087 CM Modern Black Fiction CMC Bradley, A
LIT 126 CM 20th-Century Black Poetics CMC Bradley, A
LIT 179U HM Reading Race Writing HMC Balseiro, I
MUS 121 SC Music of the Spirits Scripps Huang, H
MUS 122 SC Color of Music: Race in Blues and Jazz Scripps Huang, H
MUS 125 SC Fight the Power: Music in L.A. Scripps Huang, H
MUS 130 SC Rhythm and the Latina Body Politic Scripps Jaquez, C
MUS 131 SC Mariachi Performance and Culture Scripps Jaquez, C
POLI039 PO Politics and Environmental Justice Pomona Worthington, R
POLI043 PO Blacks in American Political Process Pomona Foster, L
POLI118 SC Korea and Korean Americans Scripps Kim, T
POLI124 SC Race in American Politics Scripps Kim, T
POLI126  SC Black Americans and the Political System Scripps Tyson, V
POLI127 SC Politics and Policy of Asian Communities in U.S. Scripps Kim, T
POLI136 PO Environmental Justice and Policy Pomona Worthington, R
POLI145 SC Race, Violence, and the Law Scripps Golub, M
POLI187I SC Race, Education and Law Scripps Johnson, C
POLI187K SC Race, Nation and Baseball Scripps Kim, T
POST107 CH Latino Politics Pitzer Pantoja, A
POST116 PZ Surfing and Politics of Race, Class, Gender, and Culture Pitzer Pantoja, A
PSYC012 AF Introduction to African-American Psychology Pitzer Fairchild, H
PSYC084 CH Psychology of the Chicanx-Latinx Experience Pomona Bacio, G
PSYC116 SC Identity Dev in Minority Children and Adolescents Scripps Walker, S
PSYC150 AF Psychology of the Black Experience Pomona Hurley, E
PSYC153 AA Asian American Psychology Pomona Goto, S
PSYC155 CM Seminar in Ethnic Minority Psychology and Mental Health CMC Hwang, W
PSYC156 SC Native American Psychology Scripps Walker, S
PSYC157 SC Psychology of the Black Woman in America Scripps Walker, S
PSYC180M PO Seminar in Cultural Psychology Pomona Goto, S
PSYC183 PZ Ethnic Psychology Laboratory Pitzer Rodriguez, N
PSYC188 AF Seminar in African American Psychology Pitzer Fairchild, H
RLST082 CM African-American Religions CMC Doran, J
RLST084 CM Religion, Race, and the Civil Rights Movement CMC Gilbert, G
RLST115 CM (formerly RLST116 CM) Asian American Religions CMC Yonemoto, K
RLST142 AF Problem of Evil: African American Engagement with(in) Western Thought Pomona Smith, D
SOC 030 CH Chicanx-Latinx in Contemporary Society Pomona Ochoa, G
SOC 035 PZ Race and Ethnic Relations Pitzer Calderon, J
SOC 073 PZ Model Minority/Perpetual Foreigner: Asians in America Pitzer Junisbai, A
SOC 077 PZ Indigenous Movements of the Americas: Defending Land, Regenerating Indigeneity Pitzer Steinman, E
SOC 114 PZ Los Angeles Communities: Transformations, Inequality and Activism Pitzer Ochoa, G
SOC 124 PZ Race, Place and Space Pitzer Basu, D
SOC 126 AA Immigration and the New Second Generation Pomona Thai, H
SOC 150 AA Contemporary Asian American Issues Pomona Nazareno, J
SOC 150 CH Chicanxs-Latinxs and Education Pomona Ochoa, G
SPAN100 PZ Spanish in the Community/Children of Immigration Pitzer Gutierrez, P
SPAN127 CH Literatura Chicana en Espanol Scripps Alcala, R
SPAN142 PO Tropicalizations: Transcultural Representations of Latinidad Pomona Chavez-Silverman, S
THEA115N PO Staging Our Stories: Contemporary Asian-American Drama Pomona Lu, E
WRIT175  SC Protest Writing and Rhetoric Scripps Drake, K

NOTE: At the direction of the course instructors, the following courses do not satisfy the Race and Ethnic Studies Requirement at Scripps College:

ENGL070 AF Love and Revolution: Black Women’s Poetry and Song Pitzer