Add/Drop Procedures

Registration Deadlines for 2019-2020:

Fall semester Spring semester Registration Activity
Monday, September 16 Monday, February 3     -Last day to add courses
-Last day to change from Pass/Fail or Audit to letter grade
Thursday, October 24 Thursday, March 12 -Last day to drop courses without academic penalty
-Last day to change to Pass/Fail or Audit grading type
Wednesday, December 11 Wednesday, May 6 -Last day to withdraw from a course (“W” appears on official transcript); course withdrawal form is required with instructor/academic adviser approvals)

Required Approvals:

  1. Adding Courses*
  2. Academic adviser clearance required for portal registration.
  3. Use Scripps portal PERM to obtain instructor approval (see Student Portal Instructions on the Registrar web page).

Note about CORE:    Both instructor’s and Core Director’s approval are required to change Core sections; a Change in Registration form is required.

  • Dropping Courses*
  • Drop courses via the Scripps portal.  Instructor approval is not required to drop classes.  Academic advising is strongly recommended.
  • Students may not drop Core (see Registrar).

Note:  PE fees and lab course fees are refundable through the last day to add a course.  A maximum of four

PE activities can be taken for credit (P grade).

  • Pass/Fail Grading
  • No Pass/Fail grading is allowed for general education, major, or minor courses.
  • Pass/Fail option is limited to one elective course per semester; no more than four courses total.
  • Requires C grade (not including C-) for passing (P) grade.
  • Must use Change in Registration form; instructor and academic adviser approval signatures required.
  • Audit Grading
  • May register as an auditor on a space-available basis, or change from letter or pass/fail grade to audit.  Core, studio art, and music performance courses may not be audited.  A student who audits a class may not subsequently enroll for credit (letter grade or pass/fail) for the same class with the same instructor.
  • Audited courses do not earn credit and may not be used to meet any degree requirement.
  • Must use Change in Registration form; instructor and academic adviser approval signatures required, except for physical education activities.

*Holds on registration privileges will prevent adding/dropping of courses on the Scripps portal.  Holds typically include an outstanding financial obligation to the College (see Student Accounts Manager), or any missing documentation due to the Registrar’s Office.