New Student Orientation

Introduction to Academic Resources and Services

August 14, 2016

Dear Students,

On behalf of the department of Academic Resources and Services, I would like to welcome you to Scripps. This office focuses on providing students access to resources to support your personalized academic success plans.

College may be your first experience away from home for an extended period of time. As such, there is often a significant amount of transition and unexpected experiences you may need support handling. Additionally, those experiences can impact your academics in a way you did not anticipate. That is where Academic Resources and Services comes in.

A few of the resources offered by our department are highlighted, below:

  • Scripps Tutoring Program: We provide access to qualified peer tutors who work with you one-on-one to help you succeed in your coursework.
  • Math Spot: This is a drop-in tutoring program held three nights a week. Skilled tutors are available to help students with any Scripps math courses.
  • Academic Skills: We provide resources and referrals for services to enhance academic skills, learning strategies, and time management.

Additional resources offered by the College include:

  • The Writing Center: Peer tutors assist students at any stage of the writing process for any paper in any course.
  • Modern Language Resource Center: Tutors fluent in a variety of languages provide their expertise on a drop-in basis
  • Librarians: Research librarians at Claremont Colleges Library (Honnold-Mudd Library) can assist you with your research papers, including identifying sources. This is a great support option for your first college research paper.

For more information and a list of other resources, please to go the department website.

Our office also oversees important processes to support students with disabilities, as outlined below:

Disability Support Services

We work directly with students with documented disabilities to identify appropriate academic accommodations. Any student in need of such accommodations should contact our office this summer to discuss specific needs and submit appropriate documentation. For more information, please refer to Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities on the College’s website.

Please feel free to contact our department with any questions or concerns you may have at (909) 621-8277 or

See you soon!

Leslie Schnyder, MSW
Assistant Dean of Academic Resources and Services