New Student Orientation

Office of the Registrar Academic Information and Class Registration


Welcome to Scripps College! The following is designed to provide practical information specific to your registration and academic procedures.

Academic Programs: Get to know the Scripps Catalog

The 2016-2017 Scripps College Academic Catalog will be published to the College’s website in August. In the meantime, you may review the current catalog to get a sense of majors, programs, policies, and procedures online at

Students must meet the degree requirements and policies contained in the catalog of their year of entry into the College, so you’ll want to bookmark the 2016-2017 Academic Catalog as soon as it is available online, as you will refer to it continuously during your time at Scripps.

Class registration: Sunday, August 28 during New Student Orientation (NSO)

You will receive your registration packet when you arrive on campus, and it will contain your registration appointment time and portal instructions. All new students register on the Scripps portal on Sunday, August 28.

You will be preregistered into a section of Core I (required for all first- year students). As a first-year student, you must register for a section of Writing 50 Critical Analysis; descriptions for each section of WRIT050 SC will be available on the portal in early August (review the fall 2016 course schedule by clicking Course Search – no login required!).

During NSO you will attend an information session with the Registrar and the Associate Dean of Faculty prior to class registration, which will provide useful information about degree requirements, registration, and advising. You will also attend an Academic Open House hosted by faculty who can answer questions about Scripps academic programs and many of the joint programs offered by The Claremont Colleges.

Please check the Registrar’s page at for the most current course and schedule information. The Schedule of Courses for the fall 2016 semester is publicly accessible and no login credentials are needed. Here you will find up-to-the-minute information about course offerings, including course descriptions and pre-requisites. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with this schedule as you will refer to it often in planning your fall schedule. Please explore other information on the Registrar’s page, including the 2016-17 academic calendar, the 2016-17 final exam schedule, and transfer credit information.

Contact the Registrar’s Office at with any questions about registration.


An academic adviser is assigned to each entering student, and adviser clearance is required to register on the Scripps portal. During NSO, all first-year students will meet with their academic adviser. At that time you will discuss your academic plan and get clearance to register on the portal. Individual appointments will be scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, August 26 and may continue on to Saturday morning.

In addition to the academic adviser, students are encouraged to ask questions of other faculty members, the Registrar, and other resource persons, as no single person can provide all the information about courses and curriculum, policies, and procedures that a new student is likely to need. The Academic Open House, the Registration and Advising Information Session, and your individual advising appointment are several such opportunities to ask questions.

Language and Mathematics Placement Exams

Placement exams are non-credit-bearing; they are tools to help you and your adviser determine where best you fit in the Scripps math and foreign languages curriculum. While they do not carry course credit, it is possible to satisfy the math and/or foreign language general education requirements via placement exam.

To register for language classes, you will need to take a language placement exam. Placement exams in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish will be given the morning of Friday, August 26. Times and locations of exams will be listed in the NSO schedule.

Placement exams in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian are offered online in July; information will be sent to you about online placement exams under separate cover.

The math placement exam will be held Friday, August 26 after language placement exams are completed.

Most students will meet the general education requirement in mathematics by passing a math course; a statistics course; or formal logic. Some students will meet the requirement by placing into MATH030 SC. Students who place into language courses beyond the intermediate level will meet the foreign language general education requirement.

Math and language placement exam results will be visible on your portal on the afternoon of Friday, August 26.


Students who wish to take music performance classes must sign up for an audition/interview in the Scripps Performing Arts Center during orientation. Auditions for the Pomona College Theatre Program, which serves students from The Claremont Colleges, will also be held throughout NSO.

Music: Descriptions of the music performance classes for Concert Choir (MUS 173 JM), Chamber Choir (MUS 174 JM), the Claremont Concert Orchestra (MUS 175 JM), Chamber Music (MUS 172 JM), voice, keyboard, and violin are available in the Scripps Catalog and on the portal under Course Search. Audition times and signup information will be available in the NSO schedule. Questions about music auditions should be directed to the Scripps Music Department at (909) 907-3266.

Theatre: The Pomona College Theatre Program for The Claremont Colleges serves students from the five undergraduate colleges. For more information about the program, please see the NSO schedule or call (909) 607-2934.

Scripps Network and Scripps Portal

In July, Scripps email account will be created. You will be sent your email login information and instructions. You will use your login credentials to access the Scripps portal to conduct all registration and add/drop activity, to review credit, grades, courses from previous semesters, and other personal information.

On Thursday, August 25 you will check into your residence hall and retrieve a Welcome Packet. Your packet will include your permanent network login credentials, which will provide access to all network resources at Scripps.

Please see IT Tech Essentials presentation. It will provide a good foundation for your tech resources and responsibilities at Scripps College.

IT representatives will be available during NSO to help you connect your laptop or desktop computer so you can hit the ground running before classes begin. For additional information and resources, visit Scripps IT online at

For more information, please contact the appropriate department identified in each section.