Welcome, Class of 2017

Posted: September 13, 2013

Here begins new life! The class of 2017 has arrived at Scripps and is already proving itself to be independent, confident, courageous, and hopeful. Here are some of the highlights of the many accomplishments of our incoming students:


Fourteen first years have a grandmother, mother, aunt, or sister who attended Scripps. They come from 31 states and seven countries, including China, Canada, the Philippines, Taiwan, India, Singapore, and Myanmar.

The class of 2017 speaks 28 languages, including Dutch, Hebrew, Persian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic and many more. Ninety-three are bilingual and two students are fluent in four languages.

Talents & Extracurriculars

The incoming class takes the stage in many ways; as musicians they play instruments ranging from piccolos to snare drums, as singers they perform in groups as unique as Lithuanian folk music. Some students dance classical Indian dance, and others work behind the scenes as stage managers.

Several have been lifelong members of the Girl Scouts while others have taken initiative and founded their own clubs – from the Green Team and the Act of Random Kindness Club to a Doctor Who club.

The class plays 47 sports, including boxing, crew, curling, figure skating, fencing, and rugby. Students have interned at laboratories, nonprofits, and in politics; others have worked as umpires, lifeguards, and even as a barn assistant working with horses. And they’re no strangers to community service; the class also found time to volunteer at nearly 60 different organizations.

Our newest students have also:

  • trained to be a pilot,
  • received 2nd place at the National Vaulting Championships multiple times,
  • raised $6,000 for affordable housing with a project that built birdhouses, and
  • been featured in a Time magazine article detailing the contributions of young people in the political world!

Welcome to Scripps. We can’t wait to experience your impact as part of the College community.

– Rachel Grate ’15

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