The Week in Review : January 21-25

Posted: January 28, 2013

Michael Eric Dyson

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson left the packed Garrison Theater crowd cheering for more at the conclusion of his January 24 presentation, “Dr. King for the 21st Century,” which challenged conventional views on race, the poor, politics, music, leadership, and vision. Considered one of the great intellectuals of our time by numerous media outlets, Dyson’s range of subjects tied questions of race and justice to Hurricane Katrina, hip-hop, and immigration while citing President Obama’s opportunities as a second-term president to lead a national dialog on the dreams Martin Luther King, Jr. had for this country.

Named by Ebony as one of the hundred most influential black Americans, Dyson is the author of sixteen books and a current professor of sociology at Georgetown University.

Photos by Angela Daves Haley

Week of Welcome

WOW! Scripps students began the new semester with “The Week of Welcome,”  a week-long series of events presented by SARLO. Festivities began on Tuesday with a bounce house, mechanical bull, and raffle on Bowling Green Lawn, while Wednesday’s activities included live reptiles on Elm Tree Lawn where students held snakes and other creepy crawlers.

SARLO teamed up with residential advisers for Do-It-Yourself terrariums on Thursday; mason jars, succulents, and small toys were provided to complete the projects. Friday’s events concluded with palm and tarot readings in the afternoon and an evening showing of “Brave” in the Humanities Auditorium.

“I loved Week of Welcome,” said Shayda Amanat ’14. “It was a great way to ease stress from the first week of school and see the familiar faces of my awesome peers!”

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