Students Elect Hall Senate and First Year Representative

Posted: October 9, 2012

The newly elected members of the Hall Senate and the First Year Representative were announced to the Scripps Community on Friday, October 5. The bylaws of Scripps Associated Students (SAS) were changed to replace the Hall Council with the SAS Hall Senate following a vote in favor of this change. All students were eligible to run to as a dorm or off-campus representatives on SAS. The responsibilities of the senators include monthly Senate meetings, planning and hosting a minimum of two dorm events, and one committee position. The Senate will work closely with Resident Advisors, Peer Mentors, and Hall Directors to achieve these goals.

Congratulations to the 2012-13 SAS Hall Senators and First Year Representative:

  • Clark: Jeany Larsen, Priscilla Wang, Madison Welsh
  • Toll: Katy Keisling, Bella Mascheroni, Katie Wang
  • Browning: Ali Feldhausen, Rachel Hennessey, Emily Morris
  • Dorsey: Vaishali Ravi, Alexie Ogonowsky, Theresa Iker
  • Kimberly/Wilbur: Selene Hsu, Allie Jones, Karis Hanson
  • GJW: Analisa Anastasi, Kelly Chang, Ariel Saland
  • Frankel: Emily Condon, Molly Freed, Isabel Kaplan
  • Routt: Lily Comba, Ashley Crawford, Meridean Shim
  • Off-Campus: Rachel Darby, Peri Tenenbaum, Christiana Ho
  • First Year Representative: Grace Dahlstrom

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