Scripps College Professional Development Trainings

Posted: April 4, 2016

Are you a staff member who is looking for ways to improve your communication skills? Or a supervisor interested in learning best practices when it comes to team building? The Department of Human Resources at Scripps College invites you to attend one of our free professional development seminars to freshen your skills and learn about workplace best practices.

If interested in any of these sessions, please RSVP to with name and date of the session you would like to attend.

For Supervisors

Conducting Performance Reviews

Jennifer Berklas and Blanca Uriarte, trainers

Two sessions (attend either): Tuesday, April 5, 9:30­–11am or Wednesday, April 6, 9:30­–11am

  • Identify the laws that prohibit discrimination in the performance appraisal process
  • Prepare a fair and constructive performance appraisal
  • Develop S.M.A.R.T. goals for employee development
  • Describe the best practices and pitfalls when administering performance appraisals
  • Conduct an effective performance appraisal session

Managing in the 21st Century

Jennifer Berklas and Larry Walraven, trainers

Two all-day sessions (attend either, lunch included): Thursday, April 14, or Thursday, September 15, 9­am­–12pm and 1–4pm

  • Review of essential California and federal laws
  • Motivating employees to be successful
  • Building teams
  • How to have crucial conversations

Managing Change

EAP, trainers

Two sessions (attend either): Tuesday, May 24, 9–11am or 2–4pm

  • Challenges for supervisors
  • Organization change
  • Common signs and symptoms
  • Identifying my losses
  • Communicating the new vision
  • How people process change
  • Managing your own response
  • Assisting the troubled employee

Interviewing and Selection

Jennifer Berklas and Lupe Gonzalez, trainers

Two sessions (attend either): Tuesday, July 12, 9–10:30am or 1–2:30pm

  • Evaluate resumes and job applications
  • Use proper documentation during a phone screen
  • Identify interview questions that conform to laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring practices
  • Use a Structured Interview Guide to conduct interviews
  • Discuss key considerations in the selection of a final candidate
  • Describe proper procedures in the orientation of a new employee

California Employment Law Basics

Jennifer Berklas and Sana Bisharat, trainers

Two sessions (attend either): Tuesday, September 20, 9-10 am or 1-2 pm

  • California and federal wage and hour laws
  • What to do if employees announce they need to take a leave
  • How to work with human resources
  • Legal obligations as a supervisor


For All Staff

Improving Communication Skills

EAP, trainers

Two sessions (attend either): Tuesday, April 26, 10­–11am or 3–4pm

  • Identify communication issues
  • Determine payoffs to effective communication
  • Recognize obstacles to effective communication
  • Describe difference between passive aggressive and assertive communication styles
  • Practice active listening
  • Apply positive communication for problem solving

Respect and Positive Interaction in the Workplace

EAP, trainers

Two sessions (attend either): Tuesday, June 21, 9–11am or 2–4pm

  • Why these principles are increasingly important
  • The unhealthy vs. the healthy workplace
  • Disrespectful behavior
  • What’s respectful? What’s not?
  • Communication techniques
  • Conflict negotiation

Dealing with the Elephant in the Room

EAP, trainers

Two sessions (attend either): Tuesday, November 15, 10–11am or 1–2pm

  • Definition/history
  • Confronting/identifying elephants
  • Tact and empathy

Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace

EAP, trainers

Two sessions (attend either): Tuesday, October 25, 10–11am or 1­–2pm

  • Individuals are treated with dignity and respect
  • Valued for similarities and differences
  • A conscious effort must be made to respect and listen to everyone

Each person is an essential part of the organization

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