Scripps College 10-Day Challenge

Posted: April 24, 2013

Starting April 24, Scripps College will conduct its first ever 10-Day Challenge — a unique social media campaign.

“The goal is to encourage alumnae to recall and share fond memories of their time at Scripps,” says Nikki Khurana, assistant vice president of alumnae and parent engagement and The Scripps Fund. “We’re using social media to reach alumnae and their stories will be posted on Facebook for our entire community to enjoy.”

During the challenge, prompts such as “share your favorite places at Scripps” will post daily to the College’s and Alumnae Association Facebook pages and Twitter. The prompts will celebrate stories of friendships, places, and traditions with a few curve-ball questions thrown in to keep the multi-day challenge interesting. (You’ll have to check back to find out more.)

“We hope to boost alumnae participation by securing 700 gifts in 10 days, resulting in up to a 10% increase in alumnae participation. The Scripps Fund supports so many important areas on campus such as internships, undergraduate research, clubs, scholarships, and so much more. We’re working hard to make it a big success.”

Links for donors to give will be included with a reminder that memories are one of the best reasons to support Scripps. Everyone is invited to join alumnae, parents, and friends on the Scripps College Facebook page to share their stories and engage in the social media conversation.

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