Message From the Interim President

Posted: November 12, 2015

Dear Scripps Community Members,

Ensuring that all members of our community feel safe, valued, and respected is an essential aspect of the Scripps College culture.  Scripps’ long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusivity as core values is apparent in its investment in programming, resources, and administrative support for students of color and other marginalized identities. While we recognize that each individual brings a unique set of experiences and perspectives to the Scripps community, we expect every student, faculty, staff member, and administrator to adhere to a high standard for respectful dialogue and behavior.

In response to recent dialogue about the culturally inappropriate costumes worn this past weekend and the recent events at CMC, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Charlotte Johnson has met with SAS leaders and has extended her office hours on Thursday, November 12th to encourage students to share their thoughts with her directly. Dean Johnson is taking specific actions in response to student concerns and is seeking additional recommendations to improve the climate for marginalized students at Scripps.

Dean Johnson and Vice President Denise Nelson Nash are also working to obtain educational materials from Rhonda Fitzgerald of Sustained Dialogues, which will be made available to the Scripps community.

I too want to hear from you directly.  I will have open office hours this Friday, November 13th from 4:30-6:30 pm in the President’s Office (Balch 130). I encourage as many of you to come as possible.  If this timing does not work, please get in touch with me directly via email (

We recognize that we still have work to do as a community. The dialogue currently underway within the 5C community and at campuses across the country provides an opportunity for reflection and underscores the need for an ongoing commitment to that work.

I, and other members of the administration, acknowledge and share students’ grave concerns and I want to assure you that the Scripps administration is taking this very seriously. I am confident that together we can learn from recent incidents and create a stronger more supportive community.


Amy Marcus-Newhall

Interim President

Amy Marcus-Newhall

Interim President
Scripps College
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