Meatless Monday

Posted: November 30, 2012

Meatless Mondays are back in the Malott Commons beginning December 3, thanks to the efforts of a core group of Scripps students.

“A lot of Americans eat meat every single day, and it’s not healthy to do that,” says Lia Metzger ’15, a student who worked to bring back Meatless Mondays after a short test run last year. “We’re not saying people should completely cut out meat. But, for one day, we’re encouraging them to support this initiative.”

Meatless Mondays is an international movement asking people to forgo meat one day a week out of environmental and dietary concerns.

Eating saturated fat, which is a type of fat found in meat, could prompt high levels of cholesterol and could lead to heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Such campuses as Yale, Barnard and John Hopkins are among those to embrace Meatless Mondays in their respective dining halls.

“College is a time when students decide which practices they’ll support,” Colleen Syms ’15 says. “This challenges them to think about what they eat.”

The group created a Facebook page called “5C Meatless Mondays,” where they encourage Scripps students to submit their favorite vegetarian recipes by e-mailing them. Only one recipe will be selected and prepared at the dining hall each Meatless Monday.

The Malott Commons will offer meatless dishes the first three Mondays in the month of December.

“A lot of people last year thought Meatless Mondays was about saving animals, but it’s not,” Lia says. “It’s about saving the planet and yourself.”

Supporters of the movement point out that skipping meat one day a week cuts down on man-made greenhouse gas emissions. For example, about 40 calories of fossil fuel is spent for every calorie of meat produced; in comparison, 2.2 calories of fossil fuel energy is used for every calorie of a vegetable produced, according to the website.

“Meatless Mondays is about bringing people together to create change and awareness,” Sara Estevez ’13 says.

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