LASPA Center at Scripps College seeks Inaugural Director

Posted: July 22, 2013

Dear Members of the Scripps College Community:

This week another important and exciting step is being made to move the LASPA Center for Leadership at Scripps College forward. The search for the Founding Director has been launched with advertisements in key publications, including the July 28 issue of the Los Angeles Times, and outreach by Diversified Search, the College’s partner in this search.

The LASPA Center for Leadership will be a centerpiece for encouraging and supporting initiatives and programs that help women lead with confidence, courage, and hope. Building on Scripps College’s already strong curricular focus on developing critical thinkers and effective communicators, the Center will provide students with new opportunities to work closely with extraordinary leaders, especially women, in areas such as education, art, business, social entrepreneurship, government, science, and media. The Center also will include professional development, reinforcing the skills necessary for our students and alumnae to thrive professionally throughout their lives and encouraging them to give back to their communities through public service and civic engagement.

Two important milestones already have been reached. First, Eileen Schock Laspa ’67 and Jude Laspa (HMC ’65), made a $5 million cornerstone gift to launch the Center. Their generosity and enthusiasm for the Center’s potential to benefit students, alumnae, and faculty were central to their decision to direct this very important gift to Scripps College. (You can read an interview with the Laspas in the upcoming issue of Scripps Magazine.)

Second, a talented and knowledgeable team is playing a key role in crafting the search plan, providing critical insights for the inaugural job description. Please join me, as chair of the search committee, in thanking search committee members Amy Marcus-Newhall, dean of faculty and vice president for academic affairs; Piya Chatterjee, Dorothy Cruickshank Backstrand Chair and Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies; Mark Golub, associate professor of politics and international relations; Jasmine Johnson ’13; Vicki Klopsch, executive director, Career Planning & Resources and Student Affairs and Special Services; trustee Marguerite Manela ’10; and trustee Roxanne Wilson ’76.

We plan to identify candidates throughout the late summer and early fall and begin the vetting and interview process during the fall semester. Community input will be an important aspect of our decision-making process.

I encourage you to share the position announcement with anyone you know who may be interested and qualified. More information is available on the College’s website at Please forward any nominations to Betty Hasler at Diversified Search.


Lori Bettison-Varga


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