First-Generation @ Scripps November 2015 Newsletter

Posted: November 4, 2015

Dear Scripps Community,

Is it already November!? Among a myriad of deadlines at Scripps, November signals the upcoming application deadlines for many programs through Study Abroad and Global Education. This month’s issue of the First-Gen newsletter features various perspectives from first-gen students on the decision to study abroad or not.  Additionally, this issue includes SAGE advise on how to initiate and navigate the off-campus study experience.  We hope this issue not only serves to inspire first-geners who are on the fence about off-campus educational opportunities, but also sheds insight on the various factors that impact the feasibility of these opportunities.

Thank you so much to all of the contributing writers.

Happy reading.


Sonia De La Torre, First-Gen Program  Coordinator

Daniela Baena Canas ’16, Co-Intern

Juliana Baena Canas ’16, Co-Intern

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