Elections for SAS Secretary

Posted: September 23, 2013

Elections for SAS Secretary will take place on Wednesday, September 25 starting at 9:00am; please come to speeches in the Student Union at 8:00pm Tuesday so you can make an informed decision! The ballot will also have SAS constitution and bylaw changes, so make sure you vote for these too.

Vote online now!

Surprise! It’s voting time! Here is the ballot for the Secretary elections and changes to the SAS bylaws/constitution! Happy voting, it takes 2 seconds!

Senate elections

As for Senate elections, there was no dorm with more than 3 candidates, so everyone who signed up to be on the Senate, congratulations! Make sure that you congratulate your new senators when you see them around, and make sure you give them suggestions for events that you would like to see in your dorms!


  • Emma Knoesen
  • Melissa Keckley
  • Uma Bates

Toll Hall

  • Dana Pierce
  • Rebecca Millberg


  • Alicia Hurteau
  • Francesca Jimenz
  • Julia Tambone


  • Stephanie Doan


  • Joelle Leib
  • Maile Blume
  • Sarah Krasner
  • Meagan McIntyre


  • Chloe Soltis
  • Julia Thomas


  • Cherish Molezion
  • Sarah Berschinski
  • Pippa Haven

Senate meetings are open to the Scripps community, and if you show up to three meetings, you are eligible to vote even if you did not submit a statement of intent initially!

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