Dean of Students Office, Primary Contact Dean (PCD) and new advising model

Posted: October 13, 2015

Greetings from the Dean of Students Office,

In an effort to best support our students, the Dean of Students Office is shifting to a new advising model.  Each Scripps student will be assigned a Primary Contact Dean (PCD), who will serve as the student’s  general administrative advisor during the student’s time at Scripps.  By implementing this model, we will provide students a consistent point of contact in the DoS.  We view this as a way to enhance support of our students.

For your convenience, and in the event you would like to contact one of the deans, we have included the assignments below.

We look forward to our continued collaboration on behalf of Scripps students


Sonia De La Torre-Iniguez

Christopher S. Dennis

Samuel Haynes

Leslie Schnyder


Student’s last name begins with





Christopher S. Dennis

Assistant Dean and Director of Case Management


Leslie Schnyder

Assistant Dean of Academic Resources and Services


Sonia De La Torre-Iniguez

Senior Assistant Dean of Academic Resources and Services


Samuel Haynes

Associate Dean of Campus Life



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