Commencement photos available for purchase

Posted: May 22, 2013

Congratulations, alumnae! You’ll find your 2013 commencement images at online here, available for purchase through photographer Bill Hodge.

You’ll find images of your graduate departing Denison Library (through doors opened only twice a year – for the freshman class and then the graduating class) as well as images of your graduate immediately after receiving her diploma.

To enhance the security of these images we have a system preventing outsiders from accessing your graduates pictures by creating a paper trail to possible violators and deterring them from purchasing imagery (we’ve seen evidence of this at other colleges).

Our enhanced security system allows you access to your graduate’s images when you submit a $10 credit card payment. When you do this you will receive a $20 credit towards your purchase. When you purchase within the first three days these images are online, you’ll receive another 10% discount.

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