Class of 2013 Post-Graduation Report

Posted: July 3, 2013

Dear Colleagues,

As many of you know, CP&R conducts an annual survey during regalia pick-up to learn more about what our students are planning for life after graduation. I’m pleased to share the results with you in the attached 2013 Post-Graduate Report.

Highlights (91.87% response rate)

  • 43.8% of students intend to work full-time this fall; Just over 1/3 of them already had jobs secured at graduation
  • 6.8% intend to work part-time this fall
  • 16.1% will pursue grad/professional school this fall (80.6% are attending their 1st choice school)
  • 2.1% will pursue volunteer service this fall
  • 5.2% will be involved in a research project or fellowship this fall
  • 13.5% are planning a gap year
  • 12.5% graduated undecided about the coming year
  • 66.3% of this year’s graduates intend to pursue grad/professional school within the next 5 years.

More details will be updated online in the next few days. Note that many of our new graduates have already called our office to report more good news since the time of this report. Hooray!

Vicki Klopsch

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