Call for Clark Humanities Museum Exhibition Proposals for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

Posted: February 16, 2015

The Committee of the Clark Humanities Museum will meet in early April to schedule the 2015-2016 Exhibition Calendar.

In order for the Clark to serve its function as a “Study-Museum,” the Committee welcomes proposals for upcoming exhibitions which would underscore aspects of our teaching either in the Humanities Core or in the general curriculum.

Proposals might be in the form of a suggestion for a traveling exhibition you may know of which would enrich a course you plan for next year, or you may choose to have your students assist you in curating an exhibit which complements your course’s objectives. The Committee discourages solo exhibitions unless they are specifically related to courses in the Humanities or to the Scripps curriculum. Similarly, student art shows are not appropriate. The Clark’s “Study-Museum” status allows for non-original art (reproductions for documentation purposes, etc.,) to be displayed.

Proposals must include the exhibition’s title, a brief abstract, the course(s) or area of curriculum which would benefit most from the exhibit, and a preferred exhibition date (semester and month, if possible).

The Clark’s limited budget allows for stipends of approximately $750 per exhibition. Curators will need to identify other funds to cover costs above and beyond this stipend.

Please submit brief exhibition proposals to Linda DeChaine by April 1, 2015, for the Committee’s review.

Thank you.

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