Address Change for incoming first years

Posted: July 29, 2014


I just wanted to update everyone on mailing changes for the incoming First Years should anyone receive a call or email your department with questions.

First, we have a Mail Center FAQ webpage under the Orientation page that may assist you with students and their families.

Second, we are making a change over the next four years, beginning with this incoming class, to having the Student mailing address be the physical address of the Mail Center: 345 E. Ninth St. The reason for the change is because newspapers, flowers and various delivery companies are always trying to deliver to the Admission Office and then they have to try and redirect the deliveries. It will also make it much faster and easier for the staff in the Mail Center to sort mail as the 1030 Columbia Ave address will equate to Staff and Faculty and the 345 E. Ninth will equate to Students.

I hope you find the information helpful as we welcome the new students!

Alane Caldwell
Mail Center Services Manager

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