USPS Redelivery Requests

If you receive an email notification from the US Postal Service informing you that a delivery attempt of a package was made but that the mailroom was closed, please note that your item will be delivered the following business day and you do not have to request re-delivery as you are requested to do in the email as it will happen automatically.

This problem arises when anything arriving at the post office with the Scripps College address after our two delivery times (8:30am and 3pm) may receive the “business closed” scan, even though no actual delivery attempt was made. This in turn may automatically generate an email to you if the company you ordered from has signed you up for email notifications if there is a problem with your delivery.

We have contacted the US Postal Service to try to get them to find a less confusing way of indicating that a parcel arrived after our courier left, but they have informed us that this is not possible because of how their tracking system works.