World Wide Web Policies

The Scripps College World Wide Web site is considered an official College communication vehicle intended to serve two primary purposes:

  1. To enhance and facilitate teaching, learning, scholarly and creative activity on the part of students, faculty, and other members of the Scripps community;
  2. To support information exchange and communication among members of the Scripps community and between Scripps and external publics.

Official and Personal Pages

The Scripps World Wide Web site supports both official institutional pages and personal pages. The main categories and links on the Scripps home page were adopted by the Computing Policy Committee of Scripps College, with the advice of an ad hoc committee. No new categories will be added to the home page without the joint approval of the Computing Policy Committee and the Office of Public Relations.

Official pages such as those for academic programs and departments and administrative offices must accurately represent the College, its programs and policies. Academic and administrative units of the College are responsible for developing and maintaining their own web pages.

Official College information may not be included on personal home pages, and the creator assumes all responsibility for the content of his or her personal page. Scripps College does not edit or preapprove these pages, but any discovered to be in violation of College policies and guidelines or to contain inaccurate statements about the College shall be subject to immediate removal from the network upon the decision of the Computing Policy Committee.

No anonymous information may be provided on Scripps home pages. Information presented on the WWW must contain the e-mail address of the author, owner, or sponsor of that page at the bottom of the page. All information must also carry a date indicating the date the information is being made available.

Page Design and Content

The design and graphics of the Scripps College home page were created by an ad hoc committee. No changes to the design or graphics of official Scripps home pages may be made without prior approval of the Computing Policy Committee and the Office of Public Relations.

No modifications or alterations of the Scripps College seal or logo are allowed. Use of the seal and logo is limited by College policy. Questions regarding use of either the seal or logo should be directed to the Office of Public Relations.

The computing and network resources of Scripps College, including WWW access, may not be used for commercial purposes by members of either the on-campus or extended Scripps community.

The College observes the same copyright rules for its server as it does for printed materials. Copyrighted photographs, text or graphics created by another person may not be placed on a page without demonstrated permission, including appropriate copyright line, of the photographer, artist or author.

Ultimate oversight of the Scripps Web Site is the responsibility of the Computing Policy Committee.

Please refer to Scripps College Appropriate Use of Computing Resources Guidelines for further guidance on computing policy.

Adopted by Scripps College Computing Policy Committee, October, 1996.