Windows 10 Printing

Scripps IT now has support for Windows 10 printing.  If you have a laptop running on Windows 10, you can now configure it to print to a lab or hall printer.  Instructions on how to do so are below.

Adding Network Printers on your Windows PC

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Go to the installer
  3. The web page with printers listed will display
  4. Click on the INSTALL MyPrint Client link on the left-hand corner
  5. Click “Run” to install NIEXE file and follow the prompts to finish the install
  6. Restart web browser and go to
  7. Click on the link for the printer you want to install and confirm the install

Please contact our Residential Networking Specialist if you need assistance with Windows 10 printing.

Zailyn Tamayo
Residential Networking / User Support Specialist
Frankel Hall, Room 91
(909) 607-7428