Virus Policy

The Claremont College Appropriate Use policy specifies that everyone connecting to the Claremont Network must employ appropriate virus protection methods. The best type of virus protection for your computer is an anti-virus software package that routinely scans and eliminates viruses on your PC in real-time. Scripps College, as part of a Claremont Colleges cooperative license, owns the McAfee Enterprise anti-virus package and employs this total package solution on our servers as well as all Scripps owned computers on the network. Our license also allows us to provide the McAfee client, free of charge, to all of our students in the residence halls. We strongly recommend that you use this client on your computer while you are on campus.

Students who opt not to install the free McAfee client, still must comply with the Claremont appropriate use policy and provide another appropriate means of virus protection for their computer if they want to be connected to the Scripps network and the Internet. Students who fail to do so may be subject to the college disciplinary procedures.

Approved by CPU, Spring 2002.