Encouraging Academic Integrity, Discouraging Plagiarism

Scripps College has a site license for TurnItIn’s plagiarism prevention services. Faculty can use these services immediately, without charge. Turnitin’s goal is to “help educators and students maximize the Internet’s educational potential by making it a safe place for research and learning.”

Turnitin’s originality checking service compares submitted papers to Internet content and their own proprietary databases and compiles customized “Originality Reports” for instructors.

Turnitin provides extensive online research and pedagogy resources to help instructors encourage academic integrity. They also provide a variety of online tools to help faculty and students use Turnitin.

Turnitin’s service also includes a Peer Review feature that allows students to “anonymously critique and evaluate each other’s work,” as well as a tool for online grading, GradeMark.

Prevention vs. Detection

Using Turnitin’s service acts as deterrent to electronic plagiarism when student know that their papers will be evaluated for originality. Assuring that students understand what constitutes plagiarism and how to properly cite references is critical to encouraging academic integrity.

If you plan to use Turnitin with your classes, please take advantage of the service’s deterrent value by:

  1. letting your students know that their papers will be analyzed for plagiarism. You can indicate this on your syllabus or course web site, in assignment handouts, or during class meetings.
  2. encouraging students to review Turnitin’s plagiarism prevention online resources.

Getting started — directions for new Scripps faculty Turnitin users

  1. Go to turnitin.com
  2. Click the “new user” button at the top-right of the page.
  3. Provide Scripps account ID and join password; contact IT at extension 73406 if you do not already have it.
  4. Follow the online directions to create your User Profile.
    New users may want to use the “Class Setup Wizard” if you have an assignment ready for Turnitin.
  5. For each class, note the class ID # and password to share with students.

Manuals for Turnitin’s plagiarism prevention service can be found here.

How to submit individual student papers for review

From Turnitin, here are the steps to turn on Quick Submit and check a single paper: First log in at Turnitin.Com

  • “…To enable quick submit, click on the user info button on the system bar.
  • From the user preferences page, select yes next to the quick submit option to activate quick submit.
  • Once quick submit is active, a quick submit tab will appear on your homepage. Click the quick submit tab to access quick submit.
  • Submitting Papers
    • To submit a paper, click the submit button at the top of the quick submit inbox.
    • You will first need to choose the sources that you would like the submitted paper or papers checked against. The available sources are the Internet, our database of submitted student papers, and a database of periodicals, journals, & publications.
    • To include a source in the search, click the checkbox next to the source.
  • The process for submitting a paper to quick submit is identical to the submission process outlined in Chapter 1 with one exception: when you use quick submit, you cannot submit papers for students enrolled in your class. For step-by-step instructions on submitting a paper, refer to the section Submitting a Paper in Chapter 1.
  • Papers you submit will show up in your quick submit inbox. Click the Originality Report icon next to a paper to view its Originality Report.”

Privacy and Intellectual Property Issues

Documents archived by Turnitin will include any personally identifying information contained in the original paper. If a subsequent submission to Turnitin matches another student’s work, the instructor who finds the match will also see the original student’s personal information. Therefore, students should not include personally identifying data in their documents, and faculty should remove this type of data when submitting a single paper for analysis.

Turnitin retains copies of all submitted papers in its database for future comparisons. Turnitin maintains that these copies are not searchable or accessible outside of Turnitin’s own purposes, so there should be no compromise of student’s rights to their own original materials.

There is a HELP button on each instructor’s user account page. For Turnitin technical support, call (510) 287-9720, extension 241.