Sierra Printing is Now Available!

Scripps IT now has support for Sierra printing. If you have a laptop running Sierra, you can now configure it to print to a lab or hall printer.

Instructions on how to do so are below.

Adding Network Printers on your Windows PC

iPrint Installation for  Windows

  1. Windows users: must use Internet Explorer and “Run as administrator” to install the myprint client.
    To launch Internet Explorer as administrator; right mouse click the IE icon, select “Run as administrator”.
  2. Go to the installer
  3. Click on the Install iPrint Client button (left upper corner)
    For Windows: “nipp.exe” will download. Click on file and follow the prompts to finish install.
  4. Windows: Restart the browser and “Run as administrator”.
  5. Select your Residential Hall printer to install from the list.
  6. Set your Residential Hall printer as “default”.
  7. Install the Steele-Computer-Lab printer.


Please contact: Courtney Espiritu
Office: Frankel 91
909 607-7428

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