Share Folders in Outlook 2013

To share a folder with another Scripps user, you must first grant them access, and then change the Folder Permissions so that they will be able to view the folder, since the default is ‘None.’

I. Steps for Grantor

1. Open Outlook 2013

2. Right-click your account name in the Folder list to open the Outlook Today menu

3. Select Folder Permissions

4. Click the Add button

5. In the Add Users window, select user from the user list, click Add, click OK

6. Select the user name, click the Folder Visible box to check, click Apply,Click OK to close

7. In the Outlook folder list, click on the folder to be shared, right-click Properties, click the Permissions tab

8. Add the user name (per Steps 4-5 above), select the user name, click the drop-down arrow in Permission Level,  set Permission level, click Apply, click OK to finish.

II. Steps for Grantee

1. Go to File, Info, Account Settings, Account Settings

2. Click on your email address to highlight it, click the Change button

3. In the Change Account window, click the More Settings button to open the MS Exchange Account window

4. Click the Advanced tab, click the Add button (keep default settings)

5. Type in the name of the user name of the Grantor, click OK

6. The Grantor’s name should now appear in the MS Exchange window, click Apply, click OK

7. Back in the change Account Windows, click Next, click Finish, Close the Account Settings window. The shared folder should appear at the bottom of your email folder list under the Grantor’s account name.

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Getting Help

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